All New Pajero Sport Dakar 4×2 and 4×4: The Differences

The differences between All New Pajero Sport Dakar 4×2 and 4×4 in the SUV segment could be one segment with the highest level of competition. With so many variants of cars available, it’s no wonder every factory always tries hard to sell more cars. One factory that produces the favorite SUV in Indonesia is Mitsubishi with the All New Pajero Dakar.

Of course you are familiar with the name of this one car variant. Pajero which has been present in Indonesia market for the last few years is indeed a toughest competitor of Fortuner. Pajero itself has many fans because this car does have a reliable engine performance.

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Driving this car on a difficult and steep terrain is not a difficult one. Well, this time, Mitsubishi presents two different Pajero models. They are Pajero Dakar 4 × 2 and 4 × 4. Want to know the differences between Pajero Sport Dakar 4 × 2 and 4 × 4? Check out the following reviews.

The Exterior of All New Pajero Sport Dakar 4×2 and 4×4

Talking about of the exterior appearance, Pajero never disappoints. Although they are in one variant and only have different driving model, but there are differences between the Pajero Sport 4 × 2 and 4 × 4. These make the two cars more authentic with their trademarks.

This time, Mitsubishi packed this car with more neat and elegant design just like Toyota did for its Fortuner. This can be seen from the front of the display which is dominated with chrome hue paint that produces futuristic style, luxury and also aerodynamics. The front of the car is also more special with the design of a light but modern.

Using LED and DRL lamps, the Pajero guarantees the functionality of the headlamps to keep them optimally in use. And also with LED taillights, they are also capable of producing optimal light. Mitsubishi also does not forget to add a chrome feel to the grille to look more modern and the use of tires measuring 18 inches.

Switch to Pajero 4 × 4. For the latest model, Mitsubishi performs all-out in the most expensive variant of the All New Pajero Sport. The look of this car is actually very similar to the Pajero 4 × 2 both from the front display with chrome accents, the size of the tire and rear body design with light-shaped lights. Only one thing that distinguishes the Dakar 4 × 4. It is the emblem installed in the trunk door. So, when you meet this car on the road, then the attention of the emblem on the back door to identify whether the car is 4 × 2 or 4 × 4 type.

The Interior of Pajero Sport Dakar 4 × 2 and 4 × 4

Turning to the inside of the cabin, in this latest series, Mitsubishi tries very hard to design the look of the All New Pajero. This can be seen from the dashboard that comes with a different car. The dashboard has a flat top and is equipped with a cluster panel in the center.

Special in this 4 × 2 variant, Pajero has wood panel in all seats of passenger wrapped leather material with black color. This blend is deliberately chosen to bring the impression of luxury. Unfortunately, Pajero chooses to use hard plastic material for the door trim and dash.

Some other features that are less than the maximum are the electric seat settings which are only available in the driver only. So it is with the auto power window feature which can only be operated by the driver only. However, the shortage is paid off with the settings button in the middle so it is easier to reach and also operated. Air conditioning system used is AC Dual Climate Control with an additional blower.

Pajero 4 × 2 adopts theatrical system for passenger seating so that the front cabin is very relieved for passengers who is above 170 cm. And in the center there is also room legs and heads which are quite spacious. It’s just that, the back becomes the most narrow and more fit for use by small children or passengers who are short with a maximum height of 160 cm.

It is not too different from Pajero 4 × 2, Pajero 4 × 4 also comes with a number of similar features and designs. The similarity is evident from theatrical system for seating, wood paneling and air conditioning system Dual Climate Control air conditioning. The difference of Pajero is seen in the center console of the driver. In this section, Pajero 4 × 4 comes with the adjustment knob to change the gear position of the transfer.

There are four different setting options – four wheels (4H) with low gear ratio and no differential lock, two wheels (2H) and four wheels (4HLc) with low gear ratio and differential locks, and four wheels with high gear ratio and also axle lock (4LLc).

Engine Performance

Pajero 4 × 2 comes with 4N15 type engine with a capacity of 2,500 cc equipped with DOHC MIVEC technology and 16 valves. This machine is capable of generating maximum power of 181 horsepower and maximum torque of 430 Nm. This machine uses diesel fuel. It is also proved tough with the addition of Variable Geometric Turbocharger.

The performance of the suspension of is car is also fairly impressive with a soft swing including when driving on an uneven road. The braking system is equipped with the most advanced electronic parking brake system. The steering wheel of this car also feels very fitting. Even when driving in a difficult terrain, this car is still very comfortable to control. With a number of features and impressive engine performance, it is not wrong if this car is often chosen by many people either buyers or just a tenant.

Turning to Pajero 4 × 4, this supreme car type is featured with the latest terrain mode settings. There are four different setting modes – Gravel, Rock, Mud-Snow and Sand. These four features proved to be effective to limit the motion of the wheel so that no surplus when going on the road. For machines in type 4 × 4, there are some additional features such as Variable Geometry Turbocharger and DOHC MIVEC.

The performance of this machine is unquestionable even when driving on sandy streets. It can be still responsive very well with dynamic controls. When tested, the car is also always able to follow the direction of steering wheel without problems.

If you wish to use this car while in Yogyakarta, then you just call a trusted car rental Yogyakarta. With the above helpful information, you will be able to choose wisely which car is most appropriate to buy and use. At least with information about the difference All New Pajero Sport Dakar 4 × 2 and 4 × 4 then you can know the advantages and disadvantages of each.