Avanza and Calya Matic: The Differences

What is the differences between Avanza and Calya Matic? When compared to the time of its production alone, Avanza is clearly a more ‘old’ product. It comes with the intention that it is the first generation of environmentally friendly cheap cars made by Toyota.

If you want to consider other production cars, there is still Xenia. Or if you are open on a variety of options, there are many other brands such as Honda (and also its variant like Sigra). There is no harm in knowing the detailed specifications of each variant of the existing car (also with the available brands) so you can make better decisions – either when you want to lease it or buy it.

Fundamental Differences Between Avanza and Calya

Many people say that it is not fair to discuss the differences between Toyota Avanza and Calya because they are really different things. Avanza is Toyota’s first generation product that carries the idea that an environmentally friendly low-cost car is not only an idea or dream but the dream that can be achieved without sacrificing comfort and driving performance.

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So, in terms of design and production purposes only, it is clear about the difference between Avanza and Calya. Calya is made to meet the market share of cheap cars with high functional. Compared to the price, the Avanza price is now higher than Calya, which is set below 150 million per unit.

Differences in Objective and Function

When Toyota and Daihatsu work together to produce Ayla and Agya, they intend to make eco-friendly cheap cars with enough energy and great functionality. In the end they make Agya and Alya are suitable for the city vehicle but minimal function, both in terms of interior, comfort, strength, and much more.

Maybe if you read the car rental matic Jogja, you will see both of these names as the main fleet leased. But if you consider having both cars as your primary vehicle, you need to rethink your decision. However it comes back again on your choice and how you choose according to your liking.

Of course, you can choose to buy or rent Calya and Avanza, to know the difference in function, response, and convenience of both. However, it would not hurt if you also read a lot of Calya or read Avanza to know the details of the specifications before driving in it.

If you check the car rental service provider, whether it’s in a popular city like Yogyakarta or any other city, you can see that the cost of renting these two fleets is quite cheap, even quite adequate. You can use this opportunity to learn the conditions of both fleets carefully. In fact it would be better if you can read other vehicle specifications, such as read the differences Xenia and Siagra.

Machine Difference

If you look at the specification of the Calya, not only is this car quite cheap with a selling price below 150 million, the engine is pretty tough. With a 1.2-liter 3NR-FE 4-cylinder engine and VVt-I technology (a similar engine used on the Yaris), this engine can produce 86 hp with 108 Nm of torque. When paired with a 5 speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic, you can expect smooth and smooth performance.

Avanza has a 4-cylinder K3-VE engine with 1.3 liter capacity with DOHC 16 valve VVT-I technology that can produce 96 hp with 121 Nm of torque. Judging from the difference Avanza and Calya in terms of energy, it can be said that Avanza produces more power than Calya.

Differences in Power

Because Calya is designed as a modern car that is environmentally friendly, it has a more efficient fuel consumption. With Calya, 1 liter of fuel can be used to travel 20 kilometers, while 1 liter of fuel on the Avanza can only travel 13.5 kilometers. For the price, Calya is priced around 130 million; 150 million is the highest price. While the price of Avanza has exceeded 150 million with the highest price reached 200 million. That is the basis of the differences between Avanza and Calya that can be considered.