The Benefits of Compactor Service Yogyakarta

Compactor Yogyakarta rental service is available for those who are looking for heavy machinery rental service around Yogyakarta. It is one of the best options when you want to do construction works. After all, big scale construction work often requires heavy machinery and equipment, and you can solve the financial issue with the rental service.

The heavy machinery you are looking for can be easily found in our place. We have various stuffs, such as scrapper compactor, wheel loader (read wheel loader), Wales (read wales), and so many more.

Reliable Compactor  Service Yogyakarta 

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In Compactor Yogyakarta service, the compactor is the type of heavy machinery often used in the compacting process. The main functionality is to compact the soil or material according to the needs of the project owner. Because it is often used in the compacting materials or soil purpose, compactor is often included within highway and runway projects – as well as other work that require heavy load to make the area solid and compact.

Knowing Compactor Jogja Service

 The main component of the compactor is the roller. It is a cylindrical tube installed on the main frame of the machine. Roller is located on the front side of the compactor. If you want to increase the weight of the roller, you can add sand or water within the inside part. The roller itself is divided into several different types, such as:

  • Three sheet roller. It is one of the oldest tread. Despite the old age, this roller is still used by the contractors in the area projects. It is used to smooth and soften – along with compacting – the land from coarse texture and structure.
  • Vibration roller. It is often used in sandy areas. It makes use of the vibration from the machine to compact the sand grains.
  • Segment roller. It is most suitable for clay-type of land. The clay won’t stick to the roller because it is in the form of small plates to press the soil.
  • Tandem roller. It is often used in heavy works with extra compacting needs, such as in dam or harbor projects.
  • Mashgrid roller. It is not often used because it is used on the top layer of the surface where the underneath section is quite loose.
  • Sheep-foot roller. It is often used in muddy areas. The main part is a drum with legs that are functional and handy to compact the soil within 20 to 25 cm of depth.

Types of Compactor

Basically, compactors are divided into several different types, such as:

  • Smooth steel rollers
  • Pneumatic tired rollers
  • Sheep foot type rollers
  • Vibratory rollers
  • Vibratory plate compactor

Compactors have two different wheels, the rubber wheel type and the undercarriage type. The first one can be used in level and even areas like asphalt. While the latter one is in the form of chained iron wheels. Be sure to really understand which device you need the most to help you with the construction work.

Tips and Tricks in Renting Heavy Machinery 

Finding reliable service shouldn’t be too difficult if you know what to do.  

  • Find references of reliable service provider around the neighborhood or within your city
  • Don’t forget to consult the internet because you can find a lot of valuable and handy information there. After all, it is practical and faster – you should be able to find the solution right away.
  • Make inspection and checking before renting anything. Check the control. Check the machine. Check the motor and rotor, hydraulic system, and such thing alike.
  • Make sure that you have the budgets to rent those items
  • Be sure that you rent the right types of equipment. Despite the low rental price, you still need to spend money, so be sure that you choose for the right machine from Compactor Yogyakarta service.

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