Bulldozer Rental Yogyakarta for Your Construction Needs

In case you are working on a construction project and you need heavy machinery, you can always contact bulldozer rental Yogyakarta service as the expert. A construction work will run easier and more practically when there are heavy machinery to help the work.

The usage of the machinery including excavator (read excavator) won’t only make the progress run easier, but it will also make the project run faster. When compared to manual work, the heavy machinery will make everything run smoothly and fast. 

The Main Function of Bulldozer Rental Yogyakarta

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Before you finally decide to choose bulldozer rent Jogja, you should familiarize yourself with the machine. Generally, a bulldozer is used to cut or push materials. However, there are some other works that you can do with a bulldozer, such as:

  • New highway construction and opening
  • Transporting materials in short distance
  • Clearing out the land
  • Filling out materials to the scraper
  • Removing the top layer of the soil
  • Spreading out materials to a small or limited area

The Details of Bulldozer Rent Jogja

It is important that know the functionality of a bulldozer before you rent one. The main motor of the bulldozer is divided into two types, the crawler and the wheels. Basically, a bulldozer will use a crawler. With this type of machine, you can move heavy materials, besides using the machine on rough and watery areas. Even in bumpy surfaces, the machine can run perfectly. Bulldozer with wheels is often used in asphalt or concrete. The main components of the bulldozer itself are divided into several parts, the hydraulic, the power train, and the engine. The main parts of the blades are:

  • Blade
  • Blade lift cylinder
  • Fuel tank
  • Cabin
  • Sprocket
  • Track roller
  • Ripper
  • Straight frame
  • Track shoe
  • Canopy

There are also some types of blades, such as:

  1. Universal Blade (U-Blade)

Univeral blade is a blade with wings whose function is to enable the blade to push or carry more materials. The usage of this blade is common in land fill.

  1. Straight Blade (S-Blade)

S-Blade is the modified version of the U-Blade. It can be used for any terrains and most commonly perfect for piling up, structural digging, or material pushing.

  1. Angling Blade (A-Blade)

The shape of this blade is straight and has corners. It is mostly used in new highway construction, ditch digging, and many more.

  1. Cushion Blade (C-Blade)

Cushion Blade is the blade with rubber cushion. It functions to minimize blade impact with the materials. This blade is most commonly used for highway maintenance and care.

  1. Bowl Dozer

This blade has deep curve to keep the materials within its place so they won’t fall out.

  1. Blade for light material

This blade is designed to push or used in light construction work. it is perfect for peat moss or loose soil.

The Main Causes for Bulldozer Damages

Undercarriage is one of the most important components of the bulldozer. It consists of a frame and a set of tracks which function for movement and mobility. There are two major causes for such undercarriage damage.

  • Wear

When the undercarriage is old enough or it experiences extreme conditions and terrains, wear is the most common issue that can happen to the bulldozer. Extreme settings include coastal areas or river banks. If you want to prevent the damage, you can clean the undercarriage with water thoroughly until it is clean. You can also spray it with oil and diesel mix.

  • Rough terrain

Rough terrain with stony areas is the main cause for such damage. The undercarriage can break or loose. To prevent such damage, you can check the machine as well as performing schedules daily checking. You should immediately repair the broken components so they won’t affect the overall performance.

Trusted Bulldozer Rent 

The usage of heavy machinery in construction work is crucial. Forklift and bulldozer are main elements in the work. You should also make sure that the bulldozer is in well and maintained condition. You can be sure that bulldozer rental Yogyakarta will give you the best service only.

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