1 Self Driver: It is a car rental package without a driver but we still provide fuel sufficiently. After you have finished using the car, you must replace the fuel as before. If you do not replace the fuel, then you will be charged. But if you replace more fuel than the first time you receive the car, we have no obligation to replace the fuel cost you have purchased. Our advice, just fill the fuel sufficiently. For a trip or tour inside the city, Toyota Avanza or other city cars consume about 10 -15 litres of fuel. It is between Rp. 75.000 – Rp. 100.000 (if the fuel is Rp. 6000 per litre).
2 For terms and conditions of self drive, please click here.
3 Car + Driver: It is a car rental package with a driver. You will be charged for the fuel, parking fee, and the driver’s food. We recommend you to buy fuel sufficiently. For taking a trip or tour in the city, it costs around Rp. 100.000 to buy the fuel. For a trip or tour to Borobudur temple, Kalibiru, Gunung Kidul, it costs around RP. 150.000 – Rp. 200.000 to buy fuel for Toyota Avanza and for Toyota Innova it costs about Rp. 200.000 – Rp. 250.000.
4 Car + Driver + Fuel : It is a complete car rental package. This package will still require you to provide food for the driver and parking fee.
5 All In One : It is the most complete car rental package. With this package, you will get a car, fuel, driver, and you do not have to provide food for the driver and parking fee. However, for Drop In and Drop Out from the hotel and airport that require parking fee more than once, you will get charged.
6 24 Hour Package: The duration is determined from the first time you use the car till you finish using it. For example, if you take the car at 09.00 AM, then you will have to return it at 09.00 PM.
7 Drop Off: It is a one way package. It is not limited by the time. The tariff depends on the distance that you will take.
8 Package 4 and 6 Hours: It is a short time package where you will have a limited time to have a trip inside you Yogyakarta. The duration is 4 hours (4 x 60 minutes) and 6 hours (6 x 6 hours). This package includes a car, driver’s fee and food. You will only be charged for the parking fee.
9 Per Day/18 Hours: This package is started at 06.00 AM and ends at 12.00 PM. If you return the car more than 12.00 PM, you are regarded to have a new package. What if I rent the car at 09.00 AM? What time should I return it? Whenever you rent the car, you will have to return it at 12.00 PM.
10 Per 24 Hours: The duration is 24 x 60 minutes. For example, if you rent a car at 07.00 AM on Sunday, then you have to return it at 07.00 AM on Monday.
11 The vehicles which are not available to rent for 24  package are Luxurious Cars, Big MPV, Double Cabin, SUV, Jeep and Bus Tour. These vehicles are only available for the packages:  Car + Driver + Fuel and All In One.
12 All Package: All of the packages above are only available for a trip inside the city with one-way destination. If you wish to have a different way, you can contact our Customer Service.
13 Overtime and Extend: : We will give free charge 1 hour Overtime/Extend as a compensation. However, for the next Overtime (after 1 hour free charge), we will charge 10% of the rental price. For example; if you rent a car for 1 x 24 hours for Rp. 500.000, but you want one hour extra, hence the one hour overtime is free charge. It means that you use the car for 13 hours with the rental price for 12 hours. However, after 13 hours, for example 14 hours, you will be charged 10% for the overtime. So, you have to pay Rp. 500.000 x 10% = Rp. 50.000. The total is Rp. 550.000.
14 For Out-Of-Town Tariff, you can contact our Customer Service directly.
15 If you have a trip that requires the driver to stay, then the driver’s inn becomes your responsibility. Or you can give him Rp. 150.000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rupiahs) for a compensation for him to find his own inn.
16 For out-of-town travel, toll and crossing charges entirely become the passenger’s responsibility.
17 For terms, conditions, rights, obligations and restrictions please read this.
18 For helps, you can see these FAQs



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