Cheap Cargo Van Rental Yogyakarta

Various companies for car rental are available in Yogyakarta, including Cargo Van Rental Yogyakarta. For those with small scale moving, shipment, or delivery business, there is an interesting offer related to this type of business for car rent Jogja.

Now, many rent car companies in Yogyakarta do not only offer SUV, MPV, sedan, or city car lines in the business but also pick up and mini cargo van. 

Cargo Van Rental Yogyakarta Advantages

Mini cargo van rent car provides you various advantages for business purposes. It is one of the alternatives to have a cargo vehicle to run your business with less hassle and most importantly rent car companies usually offers a reasonable price for renting.

Well, compared to the necessity to purchase a car while you are on a tight budget. In terms of fuel consumption, mini cargo vans are fuel efficient as most of them are diesel based vehicle (read diesel car).

In addition, as the name implied, mini cargo van and pickup cars enables you to carry quite numerous products, stuffs, furniture, etc.

When you think you need more space to load more stuffs or produces in your cargo van, you can still rent a bigger cargo size.

Grand Max Cargo Rent Car Jogja

Powered by two different engines, namely 1300 cc and 1500 cc, Grand Max cargo van is considered as a fuel economical vehicle in its line (read pick up Jogja car rent). However, during a ride on hilly terrains, the 1300 cc engine cargo van performs less optimum.

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It is available in both manual and automatic transmissions. Gran Max enables you to carry three people, a driver and two passengers with a quite spacious cabin. Designed with a pretty simple cabin, the van has not only a single door at the back to load produces or products.

It also has two sliding door at its both sides of the exterior body. In terms of dimension, the vehicle has a 4195 mm x 1665 mm x 1850 mm dimension with 1950 kg in weigh. Its cargo dimension is 2350 mm x 1585 mm x 360 mm with 1100 kg loading capacity.

Any additional features such as multimedia is unfortunately is not included in the bargain; however, you can simply attach it yourself since multimedia devices or any other modifications are pretty easy to attached to Grand Max cargo van. 

Mega Carry Pick Up

Suzuki Mega Carry is another popular vehicle for cargo purposes that covers two lines. They are namely flat deck and wide deck, black, superior white, and Atlantis blue shades. Powered by a 1500cc engine, and G15A 1.493 cc capacity engine enables you to ride on any terrains.

It produces up to 12.8 Nm/3000 rpm consuming 12.6 km/liter fuel. With a dimension of 3930 x 1830 x 1850 mm and 2350x1650x370 mm cargo box dimension, the vehicle allows you to carry about 2085 kg consignments. The interior is pretty comfortable as well. 

Moreover, cargo vans offer you extra protection from severe weather; rain or shine you can still carry on your business (read Jogja cargo truck rent). This is apparently one of the most obvious advantages in renting a cargo van compare to a pickup truck.

Since moving stuffs are one of the functions emphasized in the making of the cargo van design, convenience and posh interior plus modern, masculine, and sporty look in the interior are not put into the highlight.

However, the vehicle ensures you to provide you with excellent performance and power to support its main function.

How to Reserve

mobil box
Container/m : Box Truck 1,5
Length : 2,35
Width : 1,55
Height : 1,285
Load Capacity : 1,8 Tons
Standard Load Capacity : 1.5 Tons
: Call Me


Everyone can reserve both via offline and online. You can just visit the rent car company you consider credible to find the vehicle with the dimension, cargo load capacity, or any other specifications that will meet your need.

You can reserve online reservation through phone, Whatsapp, or any other only means. It’s so simple in ordering Cargo Van Rental Yogyakarta.