Cheap Trailer Truck Rent Yogyakarta

Trailer Truck Rent Yogyakarta companies are one of the most seek business when dealing with cargo or shipment business in this city. This kind of vehicle enables you to load about 35 tons up to 40 tons.

As this type of vehicle is designed to covers optimum loads, it is designed to have a maximum space, mass, and dimension which is up to 14 meter or 45 feet for the box length and an optimum cargo weigh of 45 ton.

Judging the number mentioned previously, it seems that this type of vehicle suits to load and transport heavy articles such as motorcycles or even cars.

In addition, this type of truck is also suitable to transport freight goods for shipments since it comes with lock system on the container; either dry or not which is depends on the needs. Trailer truck comes in two types namely a single freight trailer or a tandem one. 

Single Freight Trailer Truck Rent Yogyakarta Specification  

Single freight trailer truck rent Yogyakarta are commonly rent to ship goods which are not too extreme in terms of numbers and weight. This type of trailer truck is a ten wheel vehicle with two pairs of wheels designed in the first axle, four in the second axle, and the last four in the third axle. It has a dimension of 6 meter x 2.5 meter x 2.5 meter with a maximum loading freight of 20 ton.

Container/m : Tronton
Length : 7,5-9
Width : 2,4
Heigth : 2.1-2.5
Load Capacity : 20-25 Tons/18 M
Standard Load Capacity : 12 Tons
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The Single Freight Trailer Truck Rent Jogja Engine

In terms of engine, trailer truck is usually depends on the types of chassis chosen. One of them is Hino SG260 J with J08E-UF type. It is a diesel based vehicle, 4 inline shifting, direct injection, as well as turbo charger inter-cooler with 6 cylinder and 7684 cc cylinder capacity.

The optimum speed of the vehicle is 102 km/hour and 30.5 tan, and produces a maximum of 260 ps/2500 rpm power with an optimum torque of 76 kgm/1500 rpm. 

  Tandem Freight Trailer Specification

Compared to the description of the previous truck, single freight trailer, the tandem freight truck is way more versatile in terms of load capacity since it has a bigger space to load more goods. It usually equipped with 12 wheels with the following description.

The first two pairs are located at the first axle, four others are at the second axle, and the last six pairs are at the third axle. It has a dimension of 12 meter x 2.5 meter x 2.5 meter with a maximum load capacity of 35 ton up to 40 ton for a single freight box.  Tandem freight trailer enables you to attach a second container box right behind the first container since it uses box container lock system lock to secure the boxes.

  The Tandem Freight Trailer Engine

In terms of engine, more or less the same like the single freight truck and as mentioned previously it depends on the model attached. Hino FM 320 for instance, it uses P11C-UB engine model.

This diesel based vehicle has 4 inline shifting, direct injection, and turbo charger inter-cooler, and produces an optimum  power of 320 ps/ 2150 rpm and a maximum torque of 115 kgm/1500 rpm, 10.520 cc cylinder capacity and a maximum speed of 91 km/ hour and 34 tan.

Which One to Rent? 

So which one to rent? It is solely depends on the purpose and the need in reserving the truck from a rent truck companies. For instance, if you need only to transport goods with approximate weight of more or less than 20 tons then a single freight box trailer would be sufficient for the need.

For weight less than 20 tons a Fuso truck can also be an alternative option. Most importantly, this type of vehicle in truck rent Jogja service requires a sufficient skill for diving so that unnecessary incident won’t happen. Besides, at Yogyakarta car rent, there are also numerous cars to rent such as SUV, MPV or hatchback with various variants.