Cheap Yogyakarta Trintin Truck Rent

Provided that you need a semi-trailer truck, Yogyakarta Trintin truck rent offers several types of truck to rent. Cargo generally determines which type of truck to use, so the fact that you have come to the point of calling for a semi-trailer truck means that you really know what you are dealing with. 

One of common semi-trailer trucks in the country is Trintin. Based on the axles and tires, a truck is categorized as a Trintin when it has eight tires. The first axle is on the front, the second axle is just behind the first one, and the rear axle holds four tires. Again, depending on your cargo, you can use either a truck with a box or open-box bed cargo area. The former is also called a box truck while the latter is a dump truck. 

Yogyakarta Trintin Truck Rent: Box Truck 

A box Trintin truck is a common choice in Yogyakarta Trintin Truck Rent service. It is the best option when your cargo needs proper protection against the weather. Or else, you need to run a delivery during the peak of rainy season in the country. The cargo area is a cuboid box, 7m in length, 2.4m in width, and 2.1m in height. The box is 34m3, having space for 16,000kg of cargo. It also means that you have to be very certain that your cargo cannot exceed the available space.

Container/m : Tronton
Length : 7,5-9
Width : 2,4
Heigth : 2.1-2.5
Load Capacity : 20-25 Tons/18 M
Standard Load Capacity : 12 Tons
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Jogja Trintin Truck Rent Engine

Under the hood, a box Trintin truck comes with several options, but the most favorite one is Mitsubishi Fuso FN 527 ML 6×4. The engine is well known for its excellent power, especially due to Turbo Inter-cooler support on the 6D16 220 PS. Besides, Final Ratio boosts the resilience of the engine when it runs on challenging roads, even with the 9-speed transmission– as it is supported with Eaton Transmission for quicker respond.

The Dump Truck

The dump truck comes in two size options. The first is a standard Trintin truck, 7.5m in length and 2.4m in width. The cargo area equals to 40m3, which is the space for up to 16,000kg of load. The second option is a built-up Trintin truck with 9.5m in length and 2.4m in width of cargo area. The built-up Trintin truck loads up 45m3 or 18,000kg of cargo. Meanwhile, there is also Trinton truck which is a mix of trintin and tronton truck. 

Dump Truck’s Engine

Just like the box Trintin truck does, a dump Trintin truck has several options of engine. And the star of all is Hino FM 235 JD New that runs on a diesel 4I J08E-UG with turbo charger inter-cooler and direct injection. The 7,684cc engine keeps up the best standing because of the HMMS technology that makes it possible for the engine to deliver up to 235PS/2,500Rpm and 72kgm/1,500Rpm of torque. In fact, the maximum speed of the truck is 87km/h. Indeed, Hino is reputable for the diesel engine. 

When it comes to cargo quantity, a dump truck wins against the box truck because you do not need to be very specific about the size – it surely applies to some kinds of cargo, though. If your cargo exceeds the height of the dump truck’s box, you can always put a box cover over the top. The cover also shades your cargo on rainy or sunny days. 

Then again, it all comes back to your preferences. If you want a better cargo protection, a box Trintin truck would be more suitable. You only need to be very calculative in the quantity of your cargo and the space the box truck provides.

  Offline Truck Renting

Once you are confident with your option, just rent a Trintin truck right away. You had better come and see the truck yourself in the truck rent Jogja provider, so you have the chance to check the specs and bargain the rent price. If you ever need car to rent, feel free to visit best Yogyakarta Trintin Truck Rent.