Chevrolet Car Rental: Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, Semarang, Klaten

Do you want to get a special experience driving through the off-road area while on vacation to Yogyakarta? Well, now it is the time to consider Chevrolet car rental Yogyakarta for the type of double cabin which is ready to take you to the next level. The name of Chevrolet Colorado would be familiar in some ears of Indonesian people, especially the fans drive off road.

This car has long been known tough and strong to use in a variety of terrains. It is not only reliable when driving on muddy roads but it also stable on fine asphalt. In other words, this car is suitable for use in various fields. You just need to drive it out of town every time you want to drive the off-road.

The Specifications of Chevrolet Car Rental Yogyakarta

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Reviewing the Chevrolet rental Jogja should begin by looking at its toughness and engine capabilities. This time, the Chevrolet factory is not kidding. Colorado is equipped with Duramax engine with a capacity of 2.5L and 2.8L in which each has a 4-cylinder inline drive. The result? Satisfactory.

For engine with 2.8L capacity, Colorado is capable of generating up to 200 hp on a 500 Nm of torque. While the engine with a capacity of 2.5L is capable of generating power up to 163 hp at 380 Nm of torque. Toughness is certainly one of the benefits of Colorado that makes it proud of among rivals in its class.

Additionally, Chevrolet also adds some technologically advanced components such as new turbo geometry variables with water cooling systems, electric EGR valves, and also composite-based intake manifolds. A number of these components have been shown to keep engine performance remains reliable and tough when driven in various conditions. In addition, it also keeps the machine from jamming or crashing.

Comparing Chevrolet with Nissan Np 300

Competition in the class of double cabin 4 × 4 is quite heavy. Several variants of the car is competing tightly. They compete in the domestic market such as Nissan NP 300 and Mitsubishi Strada. This time, Colorado will be pitted against NP 300 to see their respective advantages.

  • Engine Performance

Reviewing about the machine will certainly be related to its capacity. In this case, Colorado is still slightly superior because it comes with a larger engine choice that is 2.8L. It is able to generate more power to 200 hp. Unlike the case with the NP 300, it has a capacity of 2.5L engine with a maximum power of 190 hp.

  • Safety and Entertainment Features

As the cars are claimed to be sophisticated and reliable, Colorado and NP 300 feature the best safety and entertainment features. These include Panic Brake Assist, ESP, EBD and others. Especially for Colorado, the Chevrolet factory adds MyLink entertainment feature that allows you to access apps on the iPhone via the touch screen on the front panel.

  • Price

Actually the price offered is not too much different. However, Chevrolet still performs with a more affordable price from 270 millions to 350 millions. While the NP 300 is pegged at the lowest price of 380 millions and the highest 450 millions.

The Excellence of Chevrolet Colorado

The details about the benefits of Colorado continues to grow. It does not only has a powerful engine performance but also additional features which are very functional. Now, Colorado also has an advantage in ‘towing’ which can reach 3 tons. Meanwhile the ability to carry a tub can reach 1000 kg. Quite satisfying, isn’t it? Especially if you often go on vacation in the open area and bring many things.

Driving on a smooth asphalted road also feels smooth especially with a charming acceleration. Hence, it does not take long to reach a high speed. Turning to the inside of the cabin, Colorado presents a number of captivating features. Just look at the sophisticated dashboard panel with touch screen that can connect with iPhone. The air conditioning system in the cabin also works so well so that you and your family feel comfortable while driving.

Imagine how nice to cross the wild Jogja by using a Chevrolet car rental Yogyakarta. The river below Mount Merapi is ready to welcome you with its challenging terrain that you should not miss.