Daihatsu Sigra Rental Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, Klaten

You may need to consider Sigra Rental Yogyakarta if you want to enjoy a comfortable, powerful, economic, and fuel efficient family car. You may have read about Toyota Calya and how the car is considered comfortable as a family car. If you want to know the difference between the two cars, you need to read the difference between Sigra and Calya and consider both.

There are some people who have a certain fanaticism about a name or brand. Maybe some people prefer Toyota while others prefer Daihatsu. If you belong to the last group, you may want to know more about Daihatsu Sigra.

Daihatsu Sigra Rental Yogyakarta Specifications

In comparison, there is not much difference between Calya and Sigra. Therefore Sigra is often regarded as the twin of Calya. If you have ever read the cheap car rental of Yogyakarta, you must have seen the name of Calya or Sigra in the lease list of most places in Yogyakarta.

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These two names are well known in the car rental industry because there are many advantages you can enjoy from both. You do not have to spend much to enjoy all the comfort. By renting Sigra, you can enjoy a comfortable holiday with family without worrying about the transportation.

Interior Daihatsu Sigra

One of Sigra’s advantages is its wide space. Designed to accommodate 7 passengers with comfortable arrangements, Sigra is a capable family car. The distance between the head with a spacious ceiling with a large volume of trunk becomes one of Sigra’s advantages.

No wonder if so many people love this car and expect Sigra Rental Yogyakarta. The dashboard’s design is simple yet modern and futuristic. It has easy access to all the features available. The comfort of the interior is the thing that you will love when you rent this car. Do not forget the entertainment and infotainment features that you can get with Sigra.

Exterior Daihatsu Sigra

The design of Sigra is MPV so that not only does the whole look elegant, this car also has a clear and qualified function. Its elegant impression looks strong from the front, where a row of headlamp and turn signal ideally and sweetly installed.

Moreover, the front bumper with its sporty impression and trapezium grille has a modern impression without leaving the impression of elegance. The combination of soft indentation and the pull of a clear line makes this car look ‘pretty’ and fashionable.

Daihatsu Sigra Car Engine

Not only does Sigra look attractive, the power factor also needs to be considered. Just imagine when you want to go to the hills but your car is not strong enough to face the climb. Would not that spoil your holiday? Fortunately, Sigra uses two different types of machines, depending on the variant.

Sigra M and D use DOHC VVT-I3 1.0 liter engine variants that produce 1000cc capacities with 12 valves while Sigra R and X use 3NR-VE engine 4-cylinder DOHAC Dual VVT-I 1.2 liter which produces 1.200cc with 16 valves. The 1.0 liter engine will be paired with a 5-speed manual transmission while the 1.2-liter will be paired with a 5-speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic. Premium is not recommended for this car but if you choose Sigra Jogja car rental, the manager will definitely tell you this.

Advantages of Sigra Car

If you read the Jogja car and all the requirements to rent it, you will know that not only this car has a slick design, but also a trusted and adequate power, plus a qualified comfort. Make sure you read Sigra Jogja lease carefully before deciding. Make sure you can enjoy maximum convenience and comfort with Sigra rental Yogyakarta.