The Differences Between Xenia and Sigra with Manual and Matic Transmission

Should you know the differences between Xenia and Sigra? Actually, it depends on your needs. Both these cars are cheap with a pretty stylish design and driving performance. They are quite tolerable and comfortable. After all, these two vehicles come with quite affordable price. They are suitable as a family vehicle with a large enough capacity and ample space.

Differences Between Xenia and Sigra: Usefulness and Utilization

Actually, the way you will use these two cars depends on your personal need. But if you still cannot decide which one to buy between Sigra or Xenia, you can always rent these two vehicles. By renting and trying them out, you can consider which of them you prefer. This way, you will not waste your money. And you will have a car that you really like. By renting, you can make a difference between Xenia and Sigra and the comparison of both.

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Of course, the purpose of renting a car is not just to see the performance of the car. If you have a vacation to a popular city like Yogyakarta, of course you want the ease of transportation that will not hurt your pocket. If you use public transportation, probably it will be hassle because you may be on vacation with family. If you use or hire a taxi, you will even spend a lot of money. You can read Yogyakarta cheap car to know the trusted service provider with complete fleet. If you want to rent a matic car, of course you can read more about matic car rental Yogyakarta.

The Basic Differences of The Cars

Sigra is a joint project between Toyota and Daihatsu which enter into the category of environmentally friendly low-cost car or also known as LCGC (Low Cost Green Car). Sigra itself is put into the category under the Xenia because of its ability to accommodate 7 passengers freely. Both cars are included in the MPV category with different price. Sigra itself, although it looks more modern, its price is still under the Xenia. But of course, that does not mean that cheap MPV cars do not have qualified qualities.

The Difference of Machine Performance

The difference in performance is one aspect of the differences between Daihatsu Xenia and Sigra. In Sigra, the machine used is a 4 cylinder with a capacity of 1.197cc which can produce power 88 dk with 108 Nm of torque. In Xenia, the machine used is a 4-cylinder with a capacity of 1.329cc that can produce power 97 dk accompanied by torque of 121 Nm.

From here alone, you can see that Xenia is more powerful than Sigra. Though, it certainly does not mean that Sigra is weak and powerless. Do not forget the empty weight because strong energy without accompanied by the appropriate weight will make the car feel heavy. Sigra’s empty weight is lighter than Xenia. The power and weight ratio of Xenia is 11.64 kg / dk while in Sigra it is 11.25 kg / dk.

The Differences in Speed ​​and Fuel Consumption

There is another difference between Xenia and Sigra on acceleration. In Xenia, the car is capable of reaching 100 km/h in 14.2 seconds. In Sigra, the required time is 14.3 seconds. This 0.1 second difference shows that the similarity of performance of both is similar. Because the machine is used almost the same, both have the ability to save fuel is almost the same. In trials, 1 liter of fuel on Xenia can travel 12 kilometers while on Sigra reaches 17 kilometers.

The Differences in Driving Experience

The chassis is different in which Xenia uses a ladder chassis and Sigra uses a mono-shock chassis. Xenia is driven by the rear wheels while Sigra uses the front wheels. The driving position on Xenia is even high which makes many people feel comfortable.

However, even though the driving position on Sigra is lower, it does not interfere with the driver’s visibility at all. Xenia has an advantage at low speed while Sigra’s advantage is the suspension dings. That’s the basis of the Xenia and Sigra differences you need to know.