Different Types of Yogyakarta Double Truck Rent 6 Wheels 4 Ton

What’s the usage of Yogyakarta double truck rent service, anyway? Nowadays running your own business is quite challenging and competitive, especially when you have to deliver some demands to your customers. You need to react quickly and provide on-time deliveries. This can be a problem if you haven’t got your own truck to do the deliveries.

Truck rent Yogyakarta offers you a solution. It is well known that Truck Rent Jogja has best-in-class equipment for your rental needs. We provide single axle trucks which is commonly used as city delivery trucks.  It is a type of truck that uses one drive axle in its rear. It has four wheels thus it is suitable for city delivery. This type of trucks is also known as medium duty truck (read Yogyakarta axle truck rent). 

Mitsubishi and Isuzu are some among many automotive factories that produced single axle trucks. Mitsubishi has Fuso Canter or Colt Diesel and Isuzu has Elf. In average, this type of truck has 4000cc cylinder diesel engine (Yogyakarta tronton truck rent). These trucks are defined as weighing up to 2000 kg. Truck rent Yogyakarta provides city delivery trucks in two types; standard and box trucks. 

Standard Light Duty Jogja Double Truck Rent 

This Standard truck in average has 3.4m length, 1.8 m width and 1.8m tall for its dimension whilst 2000kg for its weigh. As for engine it depends on the chassis. For example, Mitsubishi plants 3.0cc diesel engine while Isuzu installs 2.7cc diesel engine for its Elf.

Jogja Double Truck Rent Trucks Specification

 In average, these trucks range in size 4 to 7 m length, 1.8m height and 2000kg weight for its dimension. They usually have a rear door on the cargo area that rolls up. On some box trucks, the cargo area is accessible from the cabin through a small door.

Its cargo area is box which offers more protection to goods inside when being delivered.  Engine used for the box trucks are the same with standard trucks; 4 stroke diesel engine with direct injection and Turbo Charge Intercooler. It produces 110kgm/rpm and 2.9 torque. 

Isuzu Elf or Mitsubishi Colt Diesel (Canter): The choice is yours

Both Isuzu and Mitsubishi trucks available at Jogja truck rent have been in production since the mid-20th century. They have a reliable reputation for good quality and performance. The Isuzu Elf’s 2.8 cc diesel power and Mitsubishi Canter’s2.8 cc diesel engine both deliver same engine power output at lower revolutions.

It makes the Elf to have faster acceleration yet the Canter has a higher engine torque. As for cargo dimension, Canter’s slightly bigger cargo makes it to carry a little more cargo than the Elf. While on the performance, both the Elf and Canter’s handling are the same.

Road-holding and grip on tight corners is perfect. Steering is easy-to handle and precise. Both Canter and Elf’s steering columns have two adjustments. Elf and Canter have very interesting exterior and interior styling. They have designed headlamps, side lamps and front grills beautifully. The driver cabins carry three persons with enough space for legroom. 

Mitsubishi and Isuzu have thoughtfully installed comfortable features on the trucks as shown on the driver and passenger head rests and cabin room lamps. They also generously provide cup holders, power windows and air. Safety features has carefully thought and installed on both the Elf and Canter trucks such as individual seat-belts for three passengers and an aluminum anti slip door step.

Final Verdict 

To conclude, both Elf and Canter get excellent points for good handling, styling, comfort and safety standards. So the choice is yours to make. No matter which truck you want to rent, you can reserve it at truck rent Jogja. We have years of experience in providing trust-able and reliable vehicle and provide professional service.

Come and let us help you to build your business by providing good delivery trucks in double truck rent Jogja service or Yogyakarta car rent if you need to use any car.