GLOBALTRANSPORT.CO.ID is a site offering Land Transportation Service such as Passenger Car Rental, Commerce Car, Truck, Tourism Bus, Freight Service, Travel Service and Heavy Machineries Rental. In this site, we also provide information particularly about tour packages in Yogyakarta and all tourism objects in Indonesia in general including entrance tickets and places such as inns, hotel, home stay and villa. This site also provides information about places in Yogyakarta, the latest news and history of Yogyakarta. Moreover, this site also reviews and discusses the existence of transportation whether land, sea or air transportation. This site is specialized for the readers around the world who are looking for information on Passenger Car Rental, Commerce Cars, Trucks, Tourism Buses, Freight Forwarders, Heavy Machineries Rental, Tour Packages, Tourism Object Entrance Tickets and Inns in Yogyakarta.

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