Economical Forklift Rental Yogyakarta

Forklift rental Yogyakarta is a great solution for those looking for a reliable service to rent heavy machinery. We provide different types of forklifts for your needs.

Knowing Forklift Rent Yogyakarta

Like a crane, forklift is a heavy machine often used on construction work. the device comes with clamp or fork-like shape that is installed on the mast to lift, transport, and move one item to another place. The device itself is moved through hydraulic system.

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Different Types of Forklift Rental Yogyakarta

For your different industrial needs, you can be sure to find one here, at our rental service. After all, forklift is commonly used in construction and industrial work. The main function is to transport heavy items. Based on the power source, the forklift is divided into two main types:

  1. Machine Forklift

It is basically almost the same as other vehicles, but some of the models come in 4 cylinder type which is more environmentally friendly. There are several different types available, the diesel forklift, the fuel forklift, and the LPG forklift. The diesel forklift is more popular because it is considered stronger, tougher, and easier in maintenance and care. The fuel and LPG forklifts are also commonly used in construction work, but the diesel type is much more popular. 

The machine forklift is perfect for transporting items on the outdoor because the size is pretty big and the operation is pretty noisy.

  1. Electric Forklift

The electric engine is using electricity as the main component of the mobility. This heavy machine also has battery as the support backup. There are some benefits of this machine when compared to the machine type. For a starter, this type is more environmentally friendly and not noisy. Moreover, the electricity allows the machine to be more economical and inexpensive. The maintenance and care are easier and simpler than the machine forklift. 

However, there are also flaws in using this type of machine. because of the electricity factor, this machine has relatively shorter operation time and the battery charging process is longer.

Different Capacities in Forklift Rental Service 

In case you are browsing around, you can be sure to work together with forklift rent Jogja as your partner. We provide different types of capacities of the forklift, and the process itself is pretty easy. Some of the available capacities are:

1.     3.5 tons of forklift capacity

2.     6.5 tons of forklift capacity

3.     20 tons of forklift capacity

4.     35 tons of forklift capacity

5.     45 tons of forklift capacity

Different Capacities of the Forklift

Before you decide of which forklift to rent, there are some different capacities available – depending on your needs (read crane, read stoom). For efficiency factor, don’t get the wrong calculation of the capacity or you will be spending your money for nothing.

  1. 3.5 tons forklift

This kind of forklift is basically the smallest one. It is perfect to transport small and not so heavy items. Because of the small size, this forklift can be easily operated indoor. It is perfect for medium industries to handle their goods.

  1. 6.5 tons Forklift

This forklift tends to be used for indoor work, especially to transport medium boxes. This forklift is also perfect of middle class industry that doesn’t deal with heavy or big items so much.

  1. 20 tons forklift

This type of forklift is usually used for outdoor purpose because of the size. This won’t be effective for indoor usage – mainly because of the minimal and limited space.

  1. 35 tons forklift

You can transport heavy and big items with this machine. Because of the big capacity, this forklift is pretty big and wide. If you want to be able to carry around several items at once, this is the perfect choice for your needs.

  1. 45 tons forklift

This is the biggest capacity of a forklift, which is generally used to transport and carry huge and heavy loads. This type of machine is perfect for big industries, such as steel or plastic industries.

Forklift Rent with Guaranteed Satisfaction

We guarantee that all of the machines provided are only the best ones. After all, customer satisfaction is our number one concern. The machines are well taken care of and properly maintained. Don’t hesitate to choose us for your heavy machinery needs. The forklift rental Yogyakarta will make sure that you get the best service with guaranteed satisfaction.

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