Excavator Rental Yogyakarta

Excavator rental Yogyakarta is the center for excavator renting service in Jogja. We provide different types of excavators, all of which can be rented easily. Besides the easy process, you won’t have to spend a fortune for the rent either.

There are so many different construction works (the small or big ones) nowadays, and the needs for such heavy machinery including road roller are increasing. With such heavy machines, construction work will be easier and you can also expect faster result as well. 

Excavator from Excavator Rent Jogja

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Excavator is one of the most common machines in work construction. It is also known as the backhoe. Excavator is mostly used to dig and dredge materials.

It is also common for excavator to be used in forestry works, highway construction, river bank dredging, and many more. Excavator is moved by diesel hydraulic engine and runs on wheel chains.

Excavator Rental Yogyakarta

The most common types of excavator from excavator rent Jogja is the hydraulic. Hydraulic excavator is a multi functional device to dredge and dig materials.

It can also be used to load materials to the dump trucks, lift them up, leveling a land, and so many more. The main parts of hydraulic excavator are:

  1. Front End Attachment
  2. Upperstructure (the upper part) which can turn in 360 degrees manner
  3. Undercarriage

There are four models of the hydraulic excavators:

  1. Hydraulic Excavator (back hoe)
  2. Hydraulic Excavator (Loading shovel)
  3. Hydraulic Excavator (Wheel type)
  4. Minimal swing radius excavator

Different Types of Excavator Capacities

You should know different capacities of excavator, so you can adjust your needs with the available options. If you make mistakes in calculating the capacities, it can affect your construction work and the overall working efficiency. Here are some different capacities of an excavator:

  • Mini, with capacity between 0.6 and 6 tons
  • Medium, with capacity between 10 and 30 tons
  • Large, with capacity between 40 and 80 tons
  • Big or giant, with capacity between 80 and 800 tons

Excavator Parts

Excavator has different parts with different functions, such as:

  1. Bucket

Bucket is the main component of an excavator used to dredge the soil or materials. It can also be used to load materials, such as stones, soil, or wood. The bucket itself has several types, such as:

  • Ripper Bucket: which is perfect for project in stony or clay area. It works just perfectly there.
  • Trapezoid Bucket: which is used for ditch digging and irrigation canals.
  • Slope Finishing Bucket: which is perfect for irrigation canals slopes or rivers.
  • Ditch Cleaning Bucket: which is perfect for dredging the mud in rivers or canals. Bucket has small holes to remove the water content.
  • Single Shank Ripper: which is used to remove stones.
  • Clam-shell Bucket: which is used for vertical digging
  1. Bucket cylinder to move the bucket
  2. Arm to move the bucket up and down. The arm itself is divided into several types (especially the ones used in hydraulic excavator)
  • Extension arm: installed in standard arm for wider and longer reach.
  • Standard length arm.
  • Long arm: used to prolong the reach
  1. Boom  is the main switch to make the arm move up and down
  2. Boom cylinder to move the boom
  3. Tracker which is the wheels
  4. Cabin, which is the place for the operator to move the excavator 

The Solution for Excavator Needs  

In case you need excavator for your construction work, we provide smart solution for you. Our rental service provides different types of excavator with different capacities, depending on your needs.

Our heavy machinery rental price is much affordable and logical. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Our excavator rental Yogyakarta is the perfect option for your heavy machinery needs.

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