Ford Ranger Rental Yogyakarta

Are you familiar with Ford Ranger Rental Yogyakarta? Yes! This car coming from United States has been around in Indonesia for the last decades. During its first appearance, Ford offered double cabin car which was not too popular at that time.

There were only a few competitors. Therefore, Ford with its impressive car could sell so many cars. From time to time, the fans of Ford double cabin car have even increased sharply. These include those who love to rent Ford Ranger car Jogja.

Ford has always been producing high quality cars. It includes the Ranger which is popular for its impressive engine performance.

This is one of the reasons why Ranger is popular among off-road driving fans. It is because the car can certainly deliver reliable performance. To know more about its superiority, read on the review below.

Specifications of Ford Ranger Rental Yogyakarta

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Wrangler Rubicon
Type : Double Cabin
Brand : Ford Ranger
Seat : 4
Car + Driver + Seat
12 Hours : Rp. 1500.000
Per Day/18 Hours : Rp. 1900.000,-
Price All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.600.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 2.000.000,-


When it comes to specifications that you can get every time you rent Ford Ranger Jogja, it often relates to the engine. You do not have to worry because Ford offers several types of engine.

So, you can choose the one that suits your need. For the start, Ford has the 2200 cc engine. There are two more types, the 2500 cc engine and 3200 cc engine.

When we look at its history, Ford was first known to manufacture pick up targeting the suburban customers working in agriculture. And until today, this concept still works.

So, it’s no wonder that Ford is widely popular to have impressive leading capacity. It gets supported by high performance engine. To support the engine, it has specially designed system so that the car can still run even though one of two wheels is slipped.

Comparison Between Ford Ranger and Strada

Two of the biggest rivals are Strada from Mitsubishi and Dmax car. Now, let’s see what each car offers and which one performs better.

  • Engine Capacity and Performance

The first specification should be reviewed is the engine and its performance. This time, Ford beats Strada because Strada only has one type of engine which is the 2500 cc engine. Unlike Ford which has three types of engine. They are: 2200 cc engine, 250cc engine and the 3200cc engine. However, you cannot underestimate Strada because this car performs as impressive as Ford.

  • Passenger Capacity

When it comes to passenger capacity, both Strada and Ford are double cabin cars. They have the same number of passenger. So, both of them can be used by up to 5 people.

  • Price

How much is the car? Well, Ford Ranger is offered from 320 million to 450 million rupiah while Mitsubishi Strada is offered from 320 million to 380 million rupiah.

  • Ford Ranger Car Superiority

The most interesting of this double cabin car is its multi functions. Not only can it be used for slow or quick drive with family during vacation but also as dump truck considering that it has open storage at the back of the car.

The truth is that Ford Ranger doesn’t only deliver function and performance but also look. It is proven from its exterior design which looks very masculine and solid.

The body car shape is accented strongly with masculine edges. The front bumper design is also very intact and improves the look a lot.

And when you get into the car, you will be offered with impressive interior design which is luxurious and futuristic. The dashboard panel design looks great and is full with high advanced features.

Although this car still has flaw like lack of service centre in Indonesia and unstable resale price but Ford still has fanatic fans that really love this powerful car. Therefore, when you decide to reserve Ford Ranger Rental Yogyakarta, there is nothing to be worried.