Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo: The Differences

The differences between Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo in the class of SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle. There are two excellent cars which often become an option. They are TRD and TRD Sportivo Fortuner. Though they have similarities, they still have some fundamental differences.

This time, we will review more about Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportive to help you choose the right vehicle in accordance with the needs. Both of these cars have a luxurious appearance with a sporty impression. The quality of both cannot be doubted because the material used is guaranteed from high quality to support engine performance. Until now, Fortuner itself is still a market leader in the SUV class with TRD Sportive Rush.

The Exterior Design of Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo

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The review of differences between Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo starts with a detailed review of the exterior design concept carried by Fortuner. This SUV car is an idol for private vehicles and those who often rent a Fortuner. For the latest variant, Fortuner comes impressively with the exterior design concept which is stylish and handsome with the theme: New Tough and Bold Design. The new design clearly affirms Fortuner as a stylish and confident car. The curve of this car looks perfect with a more fresh grille and fog lamp with a more elegant look compared to previous variants. Fortuner headlights also look very fashionable thanks to the headlamp design that comes with Bi-Beam LED Projector technology. Prominent front grill design also deliberately made more conspicuous to create a slick alloy with large-dimensional fog-lamp.

The side body of Fortuner also looks dashing with a model of side glass narrowing to the rear and minimalist body line. Fortuner perfects its look with sharp design taillight LEDs and sophisticated power back door which uses buttons to open or close it.

Then what about the latest variant Rush display? Well, Rush also does not want to lose to Fortuner. The proof Rush sporty exterior design looks, handsome and certainly charming. Look at the front fascia display is equipped with a small radiator grille accents and mirrors on the side of the hood. This blend works to make Rush look futuristic and charming. To the bottom, Rush displays a bumper front with a size large enough to combine with a trendy foglamp. The lamps used are HID type lamps to ensure maximum lighting especially in the evening or evening.

The side of Rush looks simple but still charming with a mirror and door handle with chrome accent. The addition of the TRD Sportivo sticker also makes this car look cool, tough and also sporty. Perfect its appearance, the rear of the Rush is equipped with a handsome rear bumper, futuristic style of taillights and spare tire that comes with chasing. Differences in the interior design of Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo are pretty basic but both clearly have their own characters.

Interior Design of Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo

The review for the differences between Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportive switch to the inside cabin. This time Fortuner appears different from its predecessor (read the difference between new and old Fortuner). Fortuner features trendy exterior designs ranging from dashboard to material combinations. Fortuner’s dashboard is special with a strong wood accents that look more exclusive.

The part of this car’s cabin also looks beautiful with dark design accent and instrument panel that looks harmonious. For the steering wheel, there is a new touch with the steering switch feature, Eco/Power mode, paddle shift and sequential and also rear Diff lock. This combination adds to Fortuner’s sophistication. Passenger cabin space is also comfortable with leather material with high quality. Fortuner has also been supported with ISOFIX seats where all seats are equipped with seat belts.

Moving into Rush with interior cabin design that is not less sporty and trendy. Rush uses a dark gray color for the cabin with high quality of interior materials. The dashboard of this car contains with a number of panels to set advanced features. Drivers are also spoiled with Leather Steering Wheel equipped with Steering Switch. Rush also ensures passengers will always be entertained during the trip by offering 2 DIN CD features for maximum entertainment experience. Comfort during the trip is also guaranteed with the latest features for air conditioning system that is AC Switch equipped with Chrome Ring. In the back, available luggage space with a large enough size to store various luggage.

Machine Used Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo

For the latest Fortuner variant, available two different types of SRC and VRZ. This time, Fortuner offers two different engine options. The first is a diesel engine with a capacity of 2.4 LVNT while the second is a 2.7L gasoline engine with dual VVT-i technology. The diesel engine is capable of producing maximum power up to 149.6 Ps with a maximum torque of 40.81 Kgm. While the Fortuner gasoline engine comes with a maximum power of 163 Ps and maximum torque reach 24.7.

The difference in specifications of both engines is also evident from the fuel supply system. If the diesel engine uses the Common Rail Type system then the gasoline engine uses the Fuel Injection system. With a number of features and sophisticated systems, no wonder this car is known for tough and reliable in various road terrain. Even when you travel on off-road road terrain, then this car will not disappoint you.

Toyota Rush on the other hand also shows its engine with a number of specifications and latest features although the capacity of the machine is not as big as Fortuner. This time, Rush features 3SX-VE type engine with 1.5L capacity, 16 valve and 4-cylinder inline and VVT-i system. These series of features allow Rush’s engine to produce a maximum power of 109 PS with a torque of 14.4 Kgm. The performance ensures a reliable car for use in urban areas and a fairly difficult terrain. There are two options available transmission that is manual with four acceleration and automatic. This machine uses Fuel Injection type fuel supply system that ensures fuel spray stability and optimum performance.

Another car that is also often juxtaposed with Fortuner and Rush is Pajero. With the various features and advantages offered, these cars are definitely worth to use. Well, if you are quite enlightened with the review of the difference Fortuner TRD and TRD Sportivo, then you will be able to choose with certain cars which will serve your transportation needs.