Fortuner VNT and TRD Manual Matic 2×4 and 4×4

The difference between Fortuner VNT and TRD is very common among many people. The car manufactured by Toyota is very popular in Indonesia since 2005. Its fat body and modern design with superior machine become the main excellence of this car. Toyota designed Fortuner to easily go through the hard field.

The high ground clearance makes this car can go optimally on the muddy roads. Therefore, this car is a perfect choice for a long journey. This car is also very suitable to use in the city. It is not surprising if this car is very appropriate to drive between cities or provinces. It is also much comfortable and tough to use in the city.

The capacity of the machine which is quite large will ensure the toughness of engine performance. Hence, it can be driven at high speed. This time, the difference is Fortuner VNT and Fortuner TRD Sportivo to be reviewed. Both cars are still one variant with different types. In addition, there are still several other types such as VRZ. For the review of the old and new Fortuner differences, you can find them in the next review.

The Differences Between Fortuner VNT and TRD Sportivo: Exterior Design

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Toyota Fortuner
Type : SUV
Brand : Toyota Fortuner
Seat : 7
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 1.000.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.400.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.100.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.500.000,-

The differences between Fortuner VNT and TRD Sportivo G 4 × 4 VNT latest model were just launched in November 2016. This latest model comes with a number of designs and latest specifications. As a type of car 4 × 4, then this car is very proper to drive on a ferocious track in the mountains. The look of Fortuner VNT car design is very satisfying with the glamorous and cool design style as in previous models.

No wonder this car stole a lot of attention when driving on the street. This time, Toyota pinned some design changes. One of them is on the front fog lights and taillights that appears with a smoke accent. Toyota also designed the velg section with a masculine style seen from the dark gray on wheels. And, Toyota also does not want to miss pinning one of the most sophisticated feature of Daytime Running Light technology. With a number of views and new features, Fortuner VNT deserves a thumbs up.

Stepping into the interior of the cabin, Fortuner VNT features a luxurious and comfortable feel. We can see this from the interior design with passenger seat seats wrapped in material made of quality leather with a blend of red and black. Not only that, the driver of this car will also feel satisfied when driving. This is because of the knob gear and steering that has been wrapped in trimming. It comes with a design similar to carbon Kevlar.

For added driving comfort, Fortuner VNT offers a touch screen panel, a host of latest and advanced entertainment features and a quality audio system with 11 speakers. With performance and entertainment features that are so sophisticated, it is not wrong if Fortuner become the main choice. Even these cars are also popular among those who often rent cars. Particularly in Yogyakarta, you will receive the best Fortuner rental offer price that is a pity to miss.

Fortuner TRD Sportivo also features a number of exterior design changes. Actually, these two cars have similarities both about the exterior, interior and engine performance. So there are only a few differences in detail. For the exterior design, TRD Sportivo also offers a masculine and athletic look with a tall body like previous variants. For the new model, there is a new and special bumper design with TRD Sportivo emblem on the stern.

TRD Sportivo also features a stout black alloy wheels legs with a size of 20 inches. The roof of TRD Sportivo looks new with a matte black color to display a sporty impression. The front and rear bumpers are not less attractive with dark chrome grille to reinforce the masculine and elegant impression.

The Differences Between Fortuner VNT and Fortuner TRD Sportivo: Dimension and Machine

For the latest model this year, Toyota pinned 2KD-FTV-D4D type 2,500 cc diesel engine equipped with common rail, and intercooler to ensure the performance of the car when driving on a difficult track. This machine is capable of producing maximum power of 144 PS with 343 Nm of torque. For this model, only automatic transmissions are available.

Specifications of the machine is certainly quite qualified for this Fortuner car to continue to go toughly. Toughness of this car is also supported by a number of additional features such as roof rails that have a more sporty look. The functionality of this car is also very impressive especially with the addition of rear roof spoiler feature equipped with high mount lamp.

Moving to its rival, the TRD Sportivo Fortuner, automotive enthusiasts are also greeted with impressive performance of its machine. This time, TRD Sportivo Fortuner offers turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 2800 cc. This machine would have a larger capacity if compared with Fortuner VNT then no wonder if its performance is more satisfying.

Maximum power that can be produced by this machine reaches 177 hp. Such a large performance ensures the car will always be tough when driving on a variety of terrains including off-road type road. For this model, the type of transmission available is a 6 speed manual transmission and an automatic gearbox.

The Differences Between Fortuner VNT and Fortuner TRD Sportivo: Price

Well, want to know the price of both cars? Consider the difference between Fortuner VNT and Fortuner TRD Sportivo on the following prices. For the price of Fortuner VNT, you must spend as much as 480 million rupiah to be able to bring home this car. The price is not cheap but comparable with the performance and quality of this car.

Meanwhile, for the price of Fortuner TRD Sportivo, you have to spend more. This type of car is priced at 625 million rupiahs. This type is worth to sell more expensive because of its capacity and engine performance which is also greater.

Still in the SUV segment, there is an SUV made by another factory which is also often juxtaposed with Fortuner. The car is a Pajero that is also favored by many people. For the latest Pajero series, you can also get some of the latest advanced features with the same tough engine performance as Fortuner. Like Fortuner, Pajero also appears in several different models (read 4 × 2 Vs 4 × 4). Each model has its own specifications and features. Of course you should consider all the features and performance details to be able to choose the most appropriate car in accordance with the needs and not just on the price.