Affordable Honda HRV Rental Yogyakarta

Why Honda HRV Rental Yogyakarta, anyway? Honda is a reputable automobile brand in Indonesia. For so many decades, Honda has been leading the competitive market of automobile sale in the country.

Chances are, when the older generation is a Honda user, the younger generation follows the same path. Words of mouth somehow roots strongly in the culture of Indonesians. 

Unfortunately, Honda sets the price too high for some social class. It is understood that despite the good reviews on reliability and quality, the brand has managed to prove for generations.

Honda is rather notorious especially when it comes to pricing. What important here is that you cannot simply throw away some amount of money for something you may regret in the future.

Of course, the respected reputations and all the good reviews indicate you should regret less, but you will never really know. 

Now, the smart alternative before settling your sight on a Honda, or even closing your deal, is by driving one – and not only for a few minutes of test drive. Like CRV, Honda HRV, for example, has all the reputations and reviews mentioned earlier.

In fact, the production has been in progress since the late 1990s. But how sure are you that it feels right as you sit on the driver seat? What does the vehicle have to offer you with? 

Honda HRV Rental Yogyakarta Sporty Exterior

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Honda HRV
Type : SUV
Brand : Honda HRV
Seat : 5
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Jam : Rp. 1.500.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 2.000.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.600.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 2.100.000,-

Honda HRV displays a very sporty appearance. Not to mention, it comes with the elegant and expensive impression as you take a look at it. It is no wonder since the SUV is designed in Dynamic Cross Solid concept.

The car furthermore has its exclusive curves that enhance the high-end class it displays. You can look at the seamless rear tail light. The 215/66 tires are matched with 17-inch racing alloy wheels – such a quality show that is too hard to close your eyes to.

What’s more, Honda equips the highest trim of HRV with HID Injector lamp, allowing to a much better lighting in darker surroundings. Supported with fog lamps on both sides of the car, driving a Honda HRV in all situations becomes possible. 

HRV Car Rent Yogyakarta Comfy Interior

For HRV Jogja rent car, the cabin looks modern without leaving the comfort of the passengers behind. The roomy cabin comes with attractive trimming, so you should feel just fine sitting in the cabin for hours in a long trip.

Entertainment features include two DIN speakers, which definitely make no trip boring. Cabin safety features include two front SRS airbags for maximum protection of the passengers in the case of a collision.

The Powerful Engine

As you enjoy the comfortable cabin, let the car hits the road. Honda HRV runs on two types of engine: 1.8L SOHC I4 and 1.5L SOHC I4, both of which come with 16-valve I-VTECDBW.

Both types of engine employ PGM-FI fuel system for the best rate of mileage. The first type of engine delivers 139PS at 6,500rpm and up to 169 Nm/4,300rpm while the second one delivers up to 169PS at 6,500rpm. 

The Safe Ride

The powerful engine is equipped with maximum safety features. The VSA and HAS system supports stable ride for challenging rides. Braking system employs BA, EBD, and ABS. Both cabin and engine safety are specifically designed for your best protection, indeed. 

Now, all things considered, renting a Honda HRV will not be a waste. First, your trip will be a fun and safe ride. Second, you can see yourself how good or bad the car for your money is.

A few days of test drive surely tells you something rather than the conventional dealer test drive. Just find an Honda HRV Rental Yogyakarta, and get your experience with the Honda SUV.