Hummer Car Rental Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Klaten, Magelang

Hummer Car Rental Yogyakarta – The fight in the luxury car class is always interesting to discuss whether it is for the type of car MPV, City Car or SUV. In the SUV class, several world-renowned factories clash each other by offering a number of car variants that can make them amazed. One of them is Hummer. It is often known as a military-style SUV car. Although it is not found many in Indonesia but you can still drive this car from Hummer car rental in Yogyakarta.

Historically, the owner of the Hummer factory got a license from a military vehicle manufacturer in the United States before starting to manufacture this military-style SUV and toss it into global markets including Indonesia. Uniquely, this car cannot be purchased freely in Indonesia because it is still imported cars that deliberately imported by the general importer so do not be surprised if the price is expensive.

The Benefits of Hummer Car Rental Yogyakarta

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If you have decided to rent Hummer car, you should be ready to experience a ride that you have never felt before. This car certainly has a myriad of advantages that make it unique and different from other cars in its class. The first is the exterior design with a handsome and very military style.

Tire size is large and looks tough. This car has a height above normal. Even in the Hummer H4 series the size of the pinned tread is 35 inch. This allows you to stay on the roads that are submerged in water up to 80 cm. No wonder if Hummer often becomes an option to try off-road drive that often passes through various difficult terrains.

Tough engine is also one of the advantages of this car. The engine capacity is 3.6 liters pinned in the Hummer HX series. Although the HX variant has a smaller body than its predecessor but the Hummer factory is not half-hearten in the selection of the engine for the car to stay on the hard road.

The Comparison of Hummer Car and Jeep Rubicon

One of the strongest competitors of the Hummer is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Although both come from different factories but packed with a concept that is not much different. It is a military-style car. Let us examine the comparison between the two.

  • Engine and Fuel Consumption

The new Jeep Rubicon series are packed with a capacity of 3,000 liters. It is smaller than its predecessor on the grounds whose fuel consumption is more efficient. Another case with the Hummer H4 that comes with a 3.6 liter engine capacity to ensure performance toughness despite fuel consumption is more extravagant. However, for the Hummer owner, fuel waste is not too much of a problem.  For them, machine performance is much more important.

  • Passenger Capacity

One thing that is clearly different from the Hummer series H1 to H4 with Rubicon cars is its passenger capacity. Hummer has 3 rows of seats that can accommodate up to 8 passengers. Another case with the Rubicon which only has 2 rows of seats to accommodate a maximum of 5 passengers.

  • Price

Then, what about the price? Which is more expensive? Hummer’s price is more expensive than Rubicon’s. If the new Jeep Rubicon can be purchased at a price range of 1 billion, Hummer price is more than 3 billion. The price is quite fantastic but it is comparable to the performance of this car.

Types of Hummer Car

Since its first public appearance in 1994, Hummer has only 5 different variants. Although it is not many, this does not affect the level of sales. The first variant is Hummer H1 which is often considered as the genuine Hummer because of the size of the body which is the largest compared to other variants. Furthermore there are Hummer H2, H3, and H4. In addition, Hummer also launched Hummer HX that has the smallest body among other variants. Small body does not affect the toughness of the engine.

With its various features offered, then choose to rent a Hummer car rental Yogyakarta is not wrong because this car is ready to provide a different driving experience and of course very challenging and fun. Especially for you the fans of off-road driving.