Isuzu Dmax Rental Yogyakarta

Do you want to feel driving with a 4 × 4 car while on vacation in Yogyakarta? Well, Dmax rental Yogyakarta can be the right choice. As one of the double cabin cars that circulate widely in our market and get a lot of interest, the car from Isuzu factory is worth to get thumbs up due to its performance. Not only does it is stable and toned on the smooth paved road but also it is tough on the muddy streets.

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Although Dmax does not become a favorite choice among 4 × 4 car enthusiasts, this car cannot be underestimated because of its capable performance and sophisticated features. Using this car may provide a pleasant driving experience as it is best to use in the rural streets of Yogyakarta that are adorned with green vegetation and clear streams flowing through the border.

The Specification of Isuzu Dmax Rental Yogyakarta

Well, to see how good the capability of Dmax so that you will feel more confident to choose this car. Consider the following in-depth reviews of engine performance and a number of other excellent features. About the performance of the engine, Dmax is satisfactory because it comes with a capacity of 2,500 cc engine like Nissan NP 300 and Strada.

This machine utilizes a common rail turbo diesel system that allows the car to remain easily controlled when taking a difficult terrain. Dmax acceleration is also quite proud because it only takes 20.4 seconds to reach speeds of 100km / jam. It has a good time record to note that the car body is big. As for the fuel consumption, Dmax can travel up to 11.1 km per 1 liter in the city and 14.6 km per 1 liter on the highway. This is certainly a reason to choose this Isuzu double cabin.

Comparison of Dmax and Tata Xenon Double CabinComparison of Dmax and Tata Xenon Double Cabin

As the ultimate alternative of Jeep for difficult terrain, double cabin cars get more market share each year. No wonder many manufacturers are tempted to compete. One of them is the Indian Tata factory with Xenon.

  • Machinery and Fuel Consumption

Reviewing the machine becomes the first point you should not miss. This time, Tata Xenon latest series enter the competition by bringing the engine capacity of 2.9 L larger than Dmax with 2.5L engine capacity. However, about the power generated is almost similar though the machine is pinned on the Dmax smaller than Xenon. In addition, Xenon is also superior in fuel consumption which is more efficient.

  • Features

In general, Dmax comes with a myriad of safety and entertainment features that are more sophisticated than Xenon. Tata Xenon is more focused on the function of the carrying capacity of the car because this Indian-made car is targeting the country’s businessmen who need transportation to transport their products.

  • Price

Like other Tata products, Xenon is also priced at a lower price than other competitors in its class including Dmax. Therefore, Xenon be the right choice for those with a mediocre budget.

The Advantages of Dmax

Tata Xenon excels about the price, though automotive lovers who put forward the quality and toughness of the car can still rely on Isuzu Dmax to drive in and out of town. Look at the charming exterior design with new front and rear bumpers which are equipped with a newfangled projector headlamp and also a front grille with strong chrome accents.

Moving into the cabin, you are treated for a strong, modern, and luxurious impression through the look of a charming chair design, and a dashboard dominated with silver ornament. Entertainment devices are available in the cabin is also complete including touch screen, Bluetooth connection, CD / MP3 to radio. Driving comfort is also guaranteed by the existence of double wishbone and suspension of a newfangled model that helps to reduce shocks.

With the various features on offered, Dmax rental Yogyakarta is not only captivating from the outside but also tough on the inside with a large capacity engine to take a difficult terrain.