Jaguar Car Rental Yogyakarta

Is it possible to have affordable and reliable Jaguar Car Rental Yogyakarta? Why not? Renting a Jaguar for any traveling purposes is possible, especially if you are traveling to Jogja.

You probably can’t use the ride for leisure trip, but it is a guarantee that you have fun and memorable experience that won’t hurt your wallet either. Your trip to Jogja should be enjoyable and fun, and it would be better if you can rely on reliable service of car rent in Jogja. 

Affordable Jaguar Car Rental Yogyakarta

Jaguar car rent Jogja offers unforgettable moment with lavish interior cabin and luxurious exterior appearance. In case you are going to Jogja to celebrate important events, such as wedding, this ride would be the perfect option.

Not only you will have highly satisfying moment, you can also have great expectation from such high class vehicle and service. Jogja is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia; it is only logical that you can almost find anything in this city – including car rental service for high end cars.

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rental mobil jaguar
Type : Sedan
Brand : Jaguar
Seat : 5
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 1.250.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.500.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.350.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.600.000,-

Best Jaguar Car Rent Jogja Features?

So, what’s the big deal of Jaguar, anyway? What makes a car rental service brave enough to provide such expensive and high end vehicle to the public? First of all, when a car rental service offers such ride, it means that there are demands for it. After all, Jaguar is known for:

  • High speed. Just like the Jaguar (the animal, mind you), you can expect steady and stable performance when it comes to speeding. Almost all Jaguar productions have such superb speed.
  • Lavish and luxurious design. Everything about Jaguar is related to high end, sophistication, expensive, and elegance. Despite the sporty look, you can be sure that the ride is super comfy and convenient.
  • Various options. You can choose between the convertible type or the sedan. You can also choose the one with retractable cover or not. Construction is perfect with steady driving smoothness.

Exclusive Jaguar Car Rent Jogja Design

Jaguar is known for its exclusive and elegant designs. Everything is made simple, and yet highly exclusive and grandeur. Granted that the ride may not be able to accommodate a lot of people or load a lot of cargo, but when you expect lavishness and exclusivity from a vehicle, then Jaguar is your best shot at Jogja car rent.

In case you don’t have the money to buy the ride, keep in mind that you can always rent it. At least you have driven one and been inside the ride.

Why Jaguar is Favorable?

There are a lot of hardcore Jaguar fans, inside and outside Indonesia. Even in countries with extreme winter climate, Jaguar remains favorable. One of the main reasons is because Jaguar has the so called AWD (All Wheel Driving) system which can deliver good and reliable torsion into the front side wheels.

Even when the road is covered by snow, you can expect steady and smooth glide on the snow. After all, Jaguar always put forward their customer satisfaction above everything – they are very concerned about it. That’s why you can always count on Jaguar when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. 

Favorable Features

There are so many things to like from Jaguar. The machine, for instance, is quite strong and powerful, and yet it is quite economical in the fuel consumption. Jaguar XJ supercharged 3.0 LWB, for instance, has undergone downgrade with 3000cc engine, but still…you can expect promising performance. 

It may not be as fast as other super rides, but it is still fast. In case you want to travel with style in Jogjakarta, make sure that you choose Jaguar Car Rental Yogyakarta for your needs.