Jogja Freight Forwarding Services.

We are one of the best Jogja freight forwarding services. We offer cheap and qualified services to transport your goods till 25 tons. Our service is available for daily, monthly, or annual contract. If you are seeking for the right vehicle to transport your goods, you can rely on our service.

Freight forwarding service is the best service that you can trust when you are feeling confused to find a vehicle to help you move your goods with an easy, practical, and quick way.

Why do you have to use Jogja freight service? Perhaps this question often comes to your mind. We can answer it. It is a very important thing to use a freight service. With this service, the process of moving goods will be done more easily and quickly. You do not need to bother yourself transporting your goods alone because a freight service will make the process of moving goods from the beginning to the final stage.

Jogja freight service is one of the best services you can rely on when you do not have a vehicle to transport your goods. The reason is that this rental service does offer a special vehicle rental that can help you move your goods quickly and practically.

Jogja Freight Forwarding Services with Competitive Price

Jogja freight service has an important contribution in helping people who want to move their goods. We are one of the freight services that have been established for a long time so that we really understand this field. So, you do not have to be hesitant to use our service. For us, customer satisfaction is the most important thing we must always meet.

We are also supported by a professional and experienced team that will give the best service to the consumers. You can use our services whenever you want because we are always ready to serve the consumers. With the support of a professional team, of course we are always ready to provide the best service to you. The services we provide are of course a high quality service guaranteed to meet your needs.

We offer various services that will certainly facilitate you, one of which is helping you to move from your boarding house. Nowadays a lot of students and employees choose to live in a boarding house in order to be able to come on time to campus or to the office.

To move the goods to a boarding house will certainly need a proper vehicle. Here is our duty to help you move the goods to your boarding house. For moving to a boarding house, we rent a pickup car. We provide a car with high quality. So it is suitable to move the goods to your boarding house. Moreover, our services are much affordable.

Size and Capacity

Various Vehicle Sizes to Serve Moving House

We also offer services to help you move from your house in Jogja. Jogja transport service is usually chosen by consumers who want to move to their house. Now, there are a lot of people who move to their house by hiring a freight forwarding service since it is easier and efficient.

We offer several types of vehicles to help you move your goods to a new house. One of them is Daihatsu Grand Max Pick Up. This car actually does not have a big capacity. However, the process of moving goods can be done quickly using this car. We will adjust the amount of things to be transported with the capacity of this car. If the goods is larger, then we are ready to provide another larger vehicle.

Reliable Vehicles for Moving Goods

Besides providing home moving services, we also offer other types of services that is moving goods Jogja. Jogja Moving Services is a type of service that will help you to move your goods to the desired place. Usually this type of service is selected for moving from warehouses. We provide a variety of fleets that are ready to meet your needs. Among our vehicles are pickup trucks with open box and closed box, diesel colt and open box double trucks. These vehicles will certainly help you to move from the warehouse.

Fuso Truck for Store Moving Services

We also provide a store moving service Jogja. This service is usually used by a person or team who wants to open a business and requires them to move goods to a new place. For this job, we provide a special vehicle. It is a Fuso truck. This Fuso truck has a large size and also large load capacity so that it will be very suitable for you who want to move the goods to your new store.

Office Moving Service with Affordable Prices

For you who need a vehicle to move to your new office, it is better to choose an office moving service Jogja. This service is very suitable to facilitate you. You also do not have to bother yourself moving all things alone to your new office. By relying on our services, your office relocation will be easier and more fun. Moreover, we also rent various vehicles that can facilitate your job. Our service is totally affordable.

For you who need a vehicle to transport your merchandises, you can trust our services, namely Yogyakarta transport services. This service is very appropriate. You can really count on us because we have various kinds of vehicle to rent.

Usually these services are used by the consumers who want to move their merchandises from the home to their new stores or within the city to out of city. With our relatively cheap rental prices, there have been a lot of people who are interested in using our service. Moreover, with the various vehicles that we have, we can surely adapt to meet your needs.

Dump Trucks with Various Specifications

We also provide another transportation service. It is a service to move materials. We also rent special trucks to help you transport various materials. The truck we rent is a dump truck. This dump truck is usually used to transport various items for construction purposes.

Dump trucks are equipped with an open tub with hydraulic help. There are many types of dump trucks that we rent, one of them is Dump Truck U. This U-type dump truck is very suitable and can help you to move various materials you want, so you do not have to be worried.

We also always pay our big attention to the condition of the goods we transport, so you do not have to worry. With reliable drivers that we have, they will of course help maintain the security of the goods. You do not need to be hesitant to give us trust to transport your goods.

We will ensure that all goods we carry will be maintained. So from now on you do not need hesitate to use a freight service. This is because a freight service is the best service you can rely on to assist you in moving your goods. With this service, you will find it easier to move your goods. The process of moving goods becomes easier, faster and practical. We are a reliable freight rental service that will always be ready to provide the best service. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us soon and get our best service!

Trailer Truck

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Double Truck

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Pick Up Box

Rp. 200.000 Per 12 Hours

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Dump Truck

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Engkel Truck

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Fuso Truck

Price Call Me

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Pick Up Truck

Rp. 175.000 Per 12 Hours

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Tronton Truck

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Box Truck

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