Jogja Wedding Car Rental.

Wedding is a sacred moment which every couple wishes for. In Indonesia, marriage is considered as a one-step higher level of relationship. For some couples organizing a wedding or special event can be a stressful and grueling task. All the things should be prepared in detail to make a party become an unforgettable moment. Busyness and nervous sometimes make the bride and groom miss some details such as arranging the transportation.

Why Jogja Wedding Car Rental?

Jogja Wedding Car Rental will help the bride to take the pride in delivering the best level of service. It has many excellences that bride could get by renting wedding car in Jogja Wedding Car such as:

Affordable Price

The price is so affordable. Jogja rental realizes that expense for this special occasion could be very costly. By renting a wedding car, couple could allocate the budget for other needs.

Various Luxury Cars

Jogja Wedding Car Rental has many varieties of luxurious cars with impressive appearance for your magical day. The cars will guarantee your comfort and elegance. Rental will ensure the condition of the cars is clean, neat, and very suitable.

Professional Driver

Jogja Wedding Car provides professional driver who will deliver the bride to the venue or desired location smoothly. Driver will be ready before time and standby at venue as long as bride needed.

Full Packaging

By hiring a wedding vehicle, a bride will get a full package including fuel, driver, ornament or decoration which suits with the wedding theme, and a friendly staff.

Easy Booking

Booking process is very easy. A bride can do it by phone, chat, or email. The staff will kindly help the costumer with a pleasure.

Type of Luxury Car in Jogja Rental
  1. Toyota Alphard

This premium MPV type car is very suitable for the consumers who want a luxury theme but it still looks sporty. This dashing car has been renewal from the exterior and interior in its latest series. Its modern and futuristic impression is perfect for the young couples.

The sophisticated features such as safety features and entertainment features greatly support the comfort of the passengers while driving. The suspension and braking system installed are a new-tech with sophisticated technology to make this car comfortable on bumpy roads.

  1. Mercy

This luxurious sedan type car is perfect for couples who like a luxury and elegant image. One of the good values of this car is its ability of displaying a prestigious impression for anyone who drives it as if it is indeed from the upper class. The interior feels more spacious in the cabin. It has complete, sophisticated and modern features including security, safety, comfort and entertainment features.

  1. BMW

BMW is a dream car for anyone who likes both toughness and luxury. This car is perfect for couples who like to look sporty but elegant when driving a sedan. BMW has been present in the automotive world for a century. So there is no doubt about its great, sophisticated, and modern features. 

  1. Camry

This car is often chosen by the consumers for a wedding car with elegant decoration at this special event. It is suitable for couples who use fancy themes for their weddings.

On the interior side it certainly looks luxurious. It contains modern features that are complete such as security, safety, comfort and entertainment features. These advanced features greatly support passenger comfort in driving.

All types of cars are very suitable to be used for special moments because of their impression and luxury. The customer care will be ready to help with a friendly, happy, and fast response. So don’t hesitate to contact Jogja Wedding Car Rental and make a booking now.

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