Lava Tour Mount Merapi Price.

Lava tour mount Merapi has been very popular. It becomes one of the best activities to do when visiting mount Merapi. Global Transport provides some packages for enjoying lava tour in mount Merapi.

In one package, we serve adventure ticket, visiting Maridjan’s graveyard (the spiritual guardian or “gatekeeper” of the Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi), and education. Here, you will know the nature more closely. There are some packages that you can get along with other additional packages based on the needs and situation.

Short Route

Rp. 350.000

Medium Route

Rp. 450.000

Long Route

Rp. 550.000

Sunrise Package

Rp. 500.000

Package Name Objects Duration Price
A. Short RouteXX Base Camp, Mini Museum (Sisa Hartaku / Omahku Memoriku) Alien Stone, Bunker Kaliadem, and Kaliadem Peak 1 – 1,5 Hours Rp. 350.000
B. Medium Route (Option I) Kalikuning Downstream (Wet Track) (Opsi II) Kalikuning Upstream (National Park of Mount Merapi) (Opsi III) Mbah Maridjan’s Graveyard 2 – 2,5 Hours Rp. 450.000
C. LONG ROUTE Base Camp, Mini Museum (Sisa Hartaku / Omahku Memoriku), Alien Stone, Bunker Kaliadem, Kaliadem Peak, (Opsi I) Kalikuning Downstream, Kalikuning Upstream, (Opsi II) Mbah Maridjan’s Graveyard, Glagahsari Hill (Opsi III) Mbah Maridjan’s Graveyard and Kalikuning Downstream (Wet Track) 3 Hours Rp. 550.000
Sunrise Package Base Camp 86 MJTC, Kaliadem Peak, Bunker Kaliadem, Alien Stone, Mini Museum (Sisa Hartaku / Omahku Memoriku) 2,5 Hours Rp. 500.000
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