The Main Function of Dozer Shovel

If you are working on a construction project, you may want to consider dozer shovel rental Yogyakarta service to make the process go smoother and faster. In case you need heavy machinery, like cranes (read crane), for rent, you can contact us and we will make sure to provide anything you need easily and fast.

Dozer Shovel Rent Yogyakarta Service 

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One of the heavy machines that are available in dozer shovel rent Yogyakarta service is the dozer shovel itself. It is a machine with chained wheels (also known as track loader) that is often used in construction work. It is functional to load materials as well as removing them.

It is also useful for loading certain stones into the loading trucks. In fact, dozer shovel is able to remove any materials in short distance. This machine is generally able to move around in rather hard surface because it has better and more solid grip on uneven areas. 

How Dozer Shovel Rent Yogyakarta Works

A dozer shovel is best used with a bulldozer (read bulldozer). The bulldozer will collect the materials and the dozer shove will be used to lift and load it into the dump trucks.

However, it is still possible to use the dozer shovel without using a bulldozer, as long as the materials have been piled up and gathered around. 

Bucket is the main feature whose function is to lift the materials into the dump truck. The bowl-like shape of the bucket is intended to collect the materials and keep everything on its place during the lifting process.

The bucket size can be various, from ¼ cu yd up to 25 cu yd, although the standard one is the 5 cu yd. The size also determines the full capacity of the bucket itself.

The Usage of Dozer Shovel

The loader bucket has permanent characteristic when compared to the blade on the bulldozer. The blade comes with bigger size, but it has bigger risk of tripping or collapsing – especially on higher elevation and lifting.

A dozer shovel, on the other hand, has more proportional size. in case you want to add the weight, you can add it up to 40% of the wheel weight.

Different Types of Dozer Shovel 

If you see it from the type of wheels, a dozer shovel can be divided into two main types, covering:

  • Crawler mounted dozer shovel. The undercarriage part consists of wheeled chains, which is perfect for uneven surface. This machine has limited movement because the movement can’t be too wide or too fast.
  • Wheel mounted dozer shovel. The wheels are rubber, which can be used on soft surface like concrete or asphalt. The strength of this machine lies on the faster movement. However, this machine has its own limitation as it isn’t perfect for bumpy and uneven surface. The uneven area can lead to trip and collapse. 

The focus on the machine lies on the bucket, which is installed on the arm. it will come down and dredge the materials. The arm will lift the bucket up and then load the contents to the dump trucks or other surfaces. This machine will work best in flat area.

The Best Dozer Shovel Rent   

We have carefully taken care of our machines as well as maintaining everything to the maximum perfection. We want our machines to work perfectly. However, you need to remember that the performance of our dozer shovel also depends on the operation, the surrounding terrain, and many other contributing factors.

Before you operate one, it is advisable that you read the manuals to deliver maximum result. You can be sure that dozer shovel rent Yogyakarta is the best working partner that you can count on.

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