The Main Functionality of Scraper

Scraper rental Yogyakarta is often used in construction work because it is pretty reliable in digging, dredging, lifting, transporting, or sow the soil. Scraper can be used in transporting materials to a rather far away distance (around 2000 meters) on a level and even land with the rubber wheels. Why should you choose this type of machine? You will get the explanation later on. 

Scraper Rent Jogja Usage

Scraper is often used to deal with the common materials in the construction work, such as soil, sand, gravels, and such thing alike. The most common characteristic of such materials is that they can be relatively easy to spill, creating extra work for the labor.

That’s why the scraper is needed to prevent such spillage from happening; minimizing the loss of materials. In the end, spillage can be contained and prevented, increasing work productivity and usage. 

Scraper Rental Yogyakarta: The Scraper Ability

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You should really consider the length of distance of the machine. If the length of distance is more than 2000 meters, then you will need more scrapers, allowing you to have a relay work in the progress – considering that a single scraper can only travel for maximum distance of 2000 meters away. 

Different Variations

You may not know this, but scrapers in Scraper rent Yogyakarta come in various types.

  • The first one is the Towed Scraper. You move it around by pulling it with a bulldozer or other heavy machinery having attachments. This machine has to be pulled away because it doesn’t come with any machine. The power comes from the pulling unit, such as the bulldozer or other machines with double engines. The only flaw is that it can only travel up to 500 meters away.
  • The second type is the Motor Scraper. You operate this with front single machine. There is also double machines arrangement where the engine is located on the front and the rear. In the single machine device, the machine has to be assisted with another machine to push it around. The double machines device is very effective in processing materials or soil from rather loose condition. The machine can also be used to make the soil level in rather big areas.


This heavy load is often used in collaboration with Motor Grader or Wheel Loader. As it was explained before, the single machine scraper often needs to ‘borrow’ power from their attached devices. When they are attached to other machines or devices, they can travel pretty far and their length of destinations can increase. 

The performance of the machine depends greatly on the condition of the road itself. Uneven, wavy, bumpy, loose, or too soft road condition can make it hard to do the dredging, layering, or sowing of materials with this machine.

In peatlands, moreover, the condition of the area creates problems where the wheels may not be too responsive or functional. the wheels may be stuck or sinking. When it happens, you will need other machines to set the device free from the soft grip of the soil. 

The main element of the device is the bowl, whose function as container, transporter, and digger. The bowl consists of a cutting blade located on the front side, the gate on the rear side of the wall, and the ejector gate that is functioning to load and unload the materials.

The ejector is located on the rear side of the bowl, moving toward the back side. The vertical movement can be widened from one side to another. When you want to load materials, the ejector gate will be placed close to the cutting blade, which will move backward when the load is added. That’s a little information about Scraper rental Yogyakarta devices and machines.

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