Mazda 2 Rental Yogyakarta: A Wonder in Car Rental

Mazda 2 Rental Yogyakarta – There may be some moments when you will need to car rent Mazda Jogja. Renting a car is a smart way if you want to take a city trip in Yogyakarta. It is because you can hire the driver from the same car rent. It is is typically the case when you have to go out of town.

In addition to the driver, a car rent usually offers a variety of car rent plans mostly based on the renting period. You can rent a car for 12 hours, 24 hours, or a couple of days. If you should need to rent a car for going back and forth, talk to the car rent owner or manager. You may get a special price and arrangement to meet your request. In fact, some car rents offer tourism plans, which exactly is a good reason why you may want to check Jogja car rent.

Stylish Mazda 2 Rental Yogyakarta

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Mazda 2
Type : City Car
Brand : Mazda 2
Seat : 5
12 Hours : Rp. 300.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 350.000,-
Price + Driver
12 Hours : Rp. 400.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 475.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 500.000,-
(Car + Driver + Fuel)
4 Hours : Rp. 375.000,-
6 Hours : Rp. 400.000,-
12 Hours : Rp. 550.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 650.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 700.000,-
Price All In
4 Hours : Rp. 425.000,-
6 Hours : Rp. 450.000,-
12 Hours : Rp. 625.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 750.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 800.000,-


Do you look at a compact car with aerodynamic design? Check the dimension: 3,913mm in length, 1,695mm in width, and 1,479mm in height. Do you find sporty traces at the front and rear bumpers, side view mirrors, fog lamps, and all over the body? Yes, it is Mazda 2 rental Yogyakarta.

Why Mazda 2 Car Rent Jogja

Mazda 2 or Mazda Demio is a hatchback in supermini class with front engine and front wheel drive layout. The third generation of Mazda Demio is like a twin sibling of 2008 Ford Fiesta. You know it is a great reasoning to begin with.

Judging from the size, Mazda 2 is perfect for a solo, couple, or small group travel. Of course, the car takes in three adult passengers at most when you hire a driver. You think Mazda 2 is for in town trips only because it is not a 4WD vehicle?

No, you are wrong. Since the city car takes in less passengers than bigger vans, you may end up being the driver. But no worries, the car is supported with sophisticated features to make your driving easier.

  • The LCD touch screen, for example, allows you to monitor GPS navigation system, parking sensor, audio control, TV turner, tires’ pressure, etc.
  • What is more, the LCD screen comes with internet connectivity feature – who doesn’t love it? Another advanced feature is MID that allows you to check fuel consumption and car’s temperature. Driving features do not end here.
  • GPS for navigation and MID system to check the fuel consumption and car’s temperature.
  • The steering wheel employs tilt technology, so you can pose the steering wheel in such a way that best suits your comfort.

Some Flaws in Safety Features

On the other hand, if you hire a driver, you simply have to enjoy the ride. In addition to the sophisticated driving features for which your driver will be thankful, Mazda 2 comes with top safety features. The car is designed to absorb impacts in the event of a collision, spread the forces on the body so that the cabin suffers as less damages as possible.

Further safety features in the cabin include seat belts for every seat and dual airbags. The braking system also plays a role by employing BA, EBD, and ABS technology. Therefore, Mazda 2 is rated good for frontal crashes and roof strength, and acceptable for the protection of rear and side crashes.

A Strong City Car

Yes, Mazda Demio is a fine city car, but wait until you look at what the fineness keeps under the hood. Accelerating in 11 seconds, Mazda 2 runs with a 1.5L 2Y-VE I4, releasing up to 103Hp of power and 135Nm of torque. You can choose driving a Mazda 2 with 4-speed automatic (4F27E) or 5-speed manual transmission – if the available Mazda does not suit your skill or habit, you can always hire a driver in Mazda 2 Rental Yogyakarta.