Mitsubishi L300 Rental Yogyakarta, Klaten, Solo, Magelang

Mitsubishi L300 Rental Yogyakarta: Mini van type of passenger car has proved its prestige in our market because of its high demand for this type of car from various regions in Indonesia. One of the longest present in our market is Mitsubishi L300. Because of its popularity, the number of car rental users of L300 continue to grow from year to year.

This car is specially designed car by Mitsubishi which offers many advantages to make the driving experience always safe, comfortable and fun. As a car of mini bus class , L300 car is not wrong if chosen as a car to drive with family, friends and groups at various events.

The Excellence of Mitsubishi Rental L300 Yogyakarta

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Minibuses that have been present for years on our streets have a variety of features that make them widely used in urban and rural areas. One of them is the toughness of the performance of both with gasoline engine or diesel fuel. Deliberately designed to be able to drive in various road conditions, minibus can always be relied upon even in difficult roads. The blunt but still aerodynamic front fascia design makes this car very flexible to use through the small streets without making you worry about the impact.

In addition, this car also has a roomy cabin with spacious legs and head room so as to increase the comfort of driving. Concerning the use of fuel, minibus L300 also offers features that are not less interesting because this car consume fuel efficiently even the old one. Minibus also often becomes an alternative choice if the bus rental is not available because minibus L300 can accommodate many passengers. So, there is no harm to rent L300 to use with your family.

Specifications and Passenger Capacity

A further look at what this minibus offers and we continue reviewing on the engine performance. This time for the latest series, Mitsubishi L300 offers two engine options namely petrol and diesel fuel with a capacity of 2500 cc. Although it produces a vibration of the machine, it does not reduce the comfort of driving, including when driving on a bumpy road.

Driving comfortably is also more secure with the power steering that makes driving becomes lighter and easier to control. In addition, this car also ensures the safety of driving with the braking system on the front of the disc brake and brake system in the rear. These two different systems ensure that drivers are able to ride safely and comfortably.

For passenger capacity, the L300 minibus also does not disappoint. Inside the cabin, users are treated with 4 rows of seats that can accommodate up to 12 passengers. The size of the cabin area is certainly very suitable for use with large group. No wonder, this car can also be converted as an ambulance car because of its large size.

Comparison of L300 Car with Isuzu Elf

Furthermore, L300 car will be juxtaposed with Isuzu Elf to see the advantages of each.

  • Engine and Fuel Performance

Starting from the performance of the engine, the two cars actually have a machine with a performance that is not much different because the capacity is also almost the same. Only, Elf engine is more efficient in the use of fuel than minibus L300 cars.

  • Passenger Capacity

About the capacity of passengers, the two cars are also not different where they both have 4 rows of passenger seats that can accommodate up to 12 people. Ample enough to be used with beloved family.

  • Price

Both Isuzu Elf and L300 are offered at a price range that is not much different. For the latest series, Mitsubishi L300 car is offered at the lowest price of 190 millions while the Isuzu Elf car at the price of 200 millions and above. This price is certainly affordable and comparable to the features and performance they have.

With various features and specifications that exist, no wrong if you choose Mitsubishi L300 Rental Yogyakarta to accompany you drive around Jogja with family and colleagues.