Affordable Nissan Elgrand Yogyakarta

Luxury MPVs do have their own fans, and so is Nissan Elgrand Yogyakarta. Not only the high class impression, if it means anything, but also the comfort the vehicles offer is the best.

And if you are one of those who make comfort the top priority, it is the time now to consider Nissan Elgrand another alternative of luxury MPVs. In fact, Nissan Elgrand is a good option when you should renting car such as a luxury MPV in Jogja.

The Luxury of Nissan Elgrand Yogyakarta  

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sewa mobil New Elgrand
Type : Big MPV
Brand : New Elgrand
Seat : 6
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 3.000.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 4.000.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 3.600.000,-
Per Day/18 Hours : Rp. 4.100.000,-

Back in the late 1990s, Nissan came with the first generation of Elgrand. Soon after the vehicle was on the market, celebrities in some Asian countries, such as Thailand, Japan, China, Taiwan, etc., used the luxury MPV. You could tell a celebrity passing you on the road by the look of the car – yes, the exclusive design of Nissan Elgrand is always remarkable.

Also, the interior is suitable for both comfort and cargo. The highly versatile seats offer maximum comfort for the passengers during long hours on the road or short but deep snooze – which serves the working style of celebrities at all times. They also usually get wardrobe supports and personal assistants, so an MPV with large cargo is a serious necessity.

The Evolution of Nissan Elgrand Car Rent Jogja  

Ever since its first appearance, Nissan Elgrand has developed into three generations. The first two generations are three-door and four-door minivans while the third generation is an MPV. The first two generations offer fairly comparable trims: V, VG, X, XL, HWS, and Rider. 

Each trim comes with its own specific features, such as rearview cameras, assisted braking, lane control, aerial view camera, voice-activated controls, automatic voice-activated phone calls, automatic DJ, satellite-controlled clock, cruise control, all round speakers, multi-deck CD, rear TV, 7-inch LCD screen, etc. 

The third generation marks its MPV exclusiveness by offering new trim levels: 250 XG, 250/350 HWS, 250/350 HWS Black Leather, 250/350 HWS Urban Chrome, 250/350 HWS Black Leather Urban Chrome, and 350 HWS Premium.

Relative to its trim level, the features include power lift gate, collision evasion assist with optional sonar sensors and brake override, fuel efficiency, new color of metal grey with multi-flex, chrome plate, LED headlights with daytime running and parking lights, chromed taillight, redesigned gauges, 5-inch display of drive assistant, maximum foldability of rear seats, higher interior of rear cargo, cruise control, VIP variant, and many more. 

Nissan Elgrand Jogja

Rent car Elgrand Jogja offers the third generation of Nissan Elgrand, VQ35DE 3.498cc engine delivering 280Ps/6.400rpm with 245nm/3.900rpm. It is an HWS trim with 7 speed transmission Xtronic CVT. The wheelbase is 3,000mm, 4,915mm in length, 1,850mm in width, and 1,815mm in height.

The overall design allows for stable and so comfortable ride. It may feel like a sedan, but surely with so much more cargo and many more passengers.

Affordable Nissan Elgrand in Jogja 

You may need to rent a car in Jogja for business, work, family, vacation, and the like. But here why Nissan Elgrand is suitable for you: a sedan comfort for everybody.

It may be a challenge for you go on a vacation in Jogja with all of your family members in a sedan, but a big MPV will serve your need. The MPV is also fit for a group business or fun trip. If you plan to load a lot of stuffs into your vehicle, an MPV is a good option too. 

Since lavishness is personal, a luxury MPV may be too much for some people. But Nissan Elgrand is just fine, especially when you make a comparison to Honda Odyssey, Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Alphard, or Honda Elysion. Besides, all things considered, Nissan Nissan Elgrand Yogyakarta is more affordable to rent.