Nissan Np 300 Rental Yogyakarta Best Price

Nissan Np 300 Rental Yogyakarta – Driving a car of 4 × 4 type is certainly an experience that should not be missed. This type of car really provides a more interesting, challenging and fun driving experience. No wonder if so many automotive enthusiasts are eyeing this car to accompany them driving across town through challenging challenging terrains.

Among many competitors in its class, Nissan NP 300 car becomes one of the most favorite. So, do not be surprised if the rental car NP 300 Jogja much in demand especially during long holidays. To know more details about the features and advantages of this car, see the full review below.

The Specification of Nissan NP 300 Yogyakarta

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As a double cabin type car, the name of NP 300 is quite popular in the market in Indonesia especially when the latest series has come out in 2015 known as Nissan Navara. Like other 4 × 4 cars, the NP 300 is packed with powerful and powerful engine. It is capable of supporting tall body while driving on various road terrains. By using diesel and diesel-fueled engine, this car has a capacity of enough combustion chamber. Its 2,500 cc will produce a power up to 190 ps.

This ability is arguably the best in its class because its closest competitor the Strada was only able to produce 178 ps even though both have a capacity of 2,500 cc engine. It is not surprising if rental Nissan NP 300 Jogja becomes more and more sought from time to time. With its power, it is not a difficult thing for this car to drive on a difficult road terrain like submerged water or rocky terrain and uphill.

When you decide to rent a double cabin Nissan Yogyakarta, then you should also be ready to get a number of excellent features other than tough engines. Its exterior design is charming, handsome but still beautiful. With two rows of seats and a tub open behind the car, the NP 300 allows you to drive with your family by carrying whatever item you want. The extreme and slippery terrain would not be an obstacle.

Although the engine capacity is quite large but fuel consumption is still fairly economical. Stepping into the cabin, you will be treated to a solid and luxurious interior with high quality materials. The sophisticated dashboard panel is ready to give you a higher level of comfort in driving.

Safety features available are also sophisticated in its class. They are seven airbag units, ABLS (Active Brake Limited Slip), stability control, HDC (Hill Descent Control), rear camera and also HAS (Hill Start Assist). In other words, the NP 300 fits perfectly into the criteria of a safe and comfortable car.

The Comparison of Nissan NNP 300 with Tata Xenon

It’s incomplete if you do not review and compare the NP 300 with one of its closest competitors. This time, the chosen is a double cabin car made by Tata, an automotive factory from India known as Tata Xenon.

  • Engine Performance

The machine always becomes the first thing to review. This time, Tata packed its 4 × 4 car with a 2.2 L diesel engine which is smaller than the NP 300 engine with a capacity of 2.5L. No wonder if the Tata Xenon car engine is only able to generate maximum power 148 PS far below the NP 300 that can reach 190 PS.

  • Features

Safety and entertainment features in Nissan cars are still superior to Tata Xenon.

  • Price

With the better engine and features, it’s no wonder if Nissan NP 300 is offered at a higher price range of 380 millions to 450 millions depending on the variant.

A number of features and toughness of Nissan NP 300 rental Yogyakarta would be a pity to pass up, especially if you want to feel the off road terrain in the area around Yogyakarta. This vehicle is the right choice to accompany you to enjoy the outdoors in Jogja with your beloved family and friends.