Nissan Serena Rental Yogyakarta

What’s the deal with Nissan Serena Rental Yogyakarta, anyway? Renting an MPV is a smart option when you need a big size car for a short term. Let’s face it.

A big MPV is not favorable for daily mobile, especially when all you need is to commute from home to office and back. A big MPV is even a waste if you are single or live with a small family.

But there are times when you need a big vehicle for some occasions like a vacation with some relatives, trip with a bunch of friends, quest for unique stuffs out of town, or anything else. It is one of those times when renting in Jogja car rent, a big MPV is the best option.

Luxury Nissan Serena Rental Yogyakarta Best Features  

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sewa mobil  Nissan Serena
Type : Big MPV
Brand : Nissan Serena
Seat : 6
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 1.200.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.500.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.300.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.600.000,-

  • Nissan Serena is not a luxury car in which you can expect high standard of comfort and lavishness. But if you are in a good term with a big cargo for seven passengers, Nissan Serena offers lower rent rate.
  • Besides, the car has already undergone a lot of improvements ever since its first production in the late 1990s. Within two decades, you should hardly find anything stays the same.
  • In fact, the passenger seats are equipped with LCDs. If you find the view along the road is boring, something on the screen will be helping. Such visual distraction is actually helpful when you should be taking long hours of travels with children.

Since its live axle is mounted on the minivan’s leaf springs, plus the over 2,500 mm of wheelbase, watching videos will not be a suffering.

Besides, Nissan Serena is the junior of Nissan Elgrand. Of course, they are different in terms of class, but absolutely there is nothing substantial enough to complain on Serena. 

Serena Car Rent Jogja Performance 

Nissan Serena comes with a 2000 cc engine, 147ps 6000 rpm and 20.2 kgm 4000 rpm of torque. It is not a car for high speed acceleration (11.7 seconds) or race, but works fine for countryside trips – if you should take one.

There should not be any problem either for in town rides. When powerful engine, safety, cargo, versatility, and look are all provided, what is there left to complain?

A Big MPV 

Again, Nissan Serena is a big MPV – some people call it a minivan. Regardless of the engine specifications and all other supporting features, driving a big vehicle is a little challenging for some people, especially when parking or reversing in a limited space.

But luckily, the MPV is equipped with a camera to assist the motions. If you are an experienced driver, lack of the camera should not be any problem. Hence, if you decide to drive a rent car on your own, once you are in a car rent, check significant parts like the engine, tires, brakes, and the like.

You do not want unpleasant surprises on the road, as they may cost your life and your loved ones’, much less getting blamed for the damages when you return the car. 

 Rent Car with A Driver 

The easy way out of the potential problems is by hiring a driver. A car rent almost always provides a driver for you to hire along with the car you rent. For example, rent car Serena Jogja guarantees that their drivers are all experienced in driving all car models, including a big MPV.

Drivers of a car rent are mostly pleasant and are familiar with all alternative routes wherever you want to go. In Jogja, drivers can be your tour guide as well, so you know exactly where to buy gifts, eat local foods, go from one tourism place to another, and all that. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with Nissan Serena Rental Yogyakarta.