Pregio Car Rental Yogyakarta: The Reliable Fleet for Rent

Why should you consider hiring Pregio car rental Yogyakarta? Well, first of all, the ride is able to accommodate a lot of passengers. It is around 12 people at once. With 16 seats arrangement, you can be sure that your trip will be comfortable and convenient with it.

In case you are traveling to Yogyakarta with a lot of family members, this fleet is definitely a good option for exploring the city around. Whether you want to go long distance or you want to explore the short routes only, this Pregio is a great option to consider about. 

Pregio Car Rental Yogyakarta Multi-functional Purposes

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sewa kia Pregio
Type : Micro Bus
Brand : Kia Pregio
Seat : 12
Bus+ Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 650.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 800.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 750.000,-
Per Day/ 18 jam : Rp. 900.000,-

It is no wonder that a lot of people consider Pregio as a multi-functional ride. It comes with various purposes and usages. When you are traveling with your families to whatever destinations you have in mind, be sure that Pregio is able to deliver the best performance.

Not to mention that when you hire Pregio car rent Jogja, you can expect high quality service from the fleet. From the overall appearance and performance, Pregio is often said as an ultimate automotive masterpiece. It means that you can rely on its elegant design, tough performance, and high comfort.

After all, when you want to know the feel inside such luxurious and elegant ride, you can always rent one. It is thanks to the existence of car rental service. 

Pregio Car Rent Jogja Nice Performance

One of the things to like from Pregio is the double blower AC, which definitely affects the overall quality of Pregio. You can be sure that everyone will get the cool air, despite their seating location.

Even when you sit on the back, you can get enough cool air that will improve your comfort. The side windows are accessible and can be opened, so passengers can have the freedom and easiness in enjoying their ride. 

The Available Features 

When KIA released Pregio, they have comfort in mind. The design is quite simple and elegant, but functionality is put first while design is the second.

For some people, the design is quite flt and bland, but would you prefer having comfortable ride (with bland design) or high quality design (with so-so performance)? I think you know the answer.

Flexibility is put forward where the seats can be turned around, allowing more room and easiness in moving. You can find cup holders on the dashboard and the seat-back canter.

Door pockets are available on both doors. The interior cabin is roomy and spacious, allowing the front seats to be laid backward. It is no wonder if people put Pregio in their favorite list.

The Luxurious Setting  

The interior cabin is simple and yet you can feel the elegance and luxury. Feel free to enjoy the double blower AC for cooler temperature, and you can control the temperature through the activating switch on the dashboard. 

The machine is quite powerful and won’t consume a lot of fuel either. It may not be super fast, but it is not a super vehicle, mind you.

Keep in mind that this big and burly vehicle is designed as a family ride, so it is only logical when the speed is quite considerable and moderate. 

If you want a ride that is able to accommodate a lot of passengers as well as cargo, this one is the best option at Jogja bus rent. The sliding door isn’t only handy, but also safe for kinds.

In case you want to hire one, you can manage everything online or offline. Making order and confirmation is easier through online – especially if you are accustomed to this system.

If you need a reliable vehicle without having to worry about digging deep into your wallet, then Pregio car rental Yogyakarta should be your best option.