Reliable Yogyakarta Tandem Truck Rental Colt Diesel 4 Wheels

If you are in a business that needs shipment or transport your goodies, reserving a tandem truck for rent is an excellent alternative to rent in one of those Yogyakarta tandem truck rental companies, especially when you concern about the amount of money involves for purchasing and maintenance.

Tandem truck is a two chassis vehicle which is equipped with more than four wheels. The main difference with a single truck is that although both are basically a two chassis vehicle yet the tandem one is equipped with four wheels at the second chassis. 

Open Container Yogyakarta Tandem Truck Rental Specification 

Tandem truck is bigger compared to a single truck in terms of load capacity. For the open container tandem truck type, it has the following dimension 4.35 meter x 2 meter x 2 meter and 18 meter square with load capacity of 4000 kg or 4 tons.

In term of engine and its capacity, it depends on the chassis of your option. Some vehicles that are most popular for tandem trucks are those designed by Mitsubishi, Hino and Isuzu. 

Take Colt Diesel FE-73 Mitsubishi for instance, it is equipped with 6 wheels and is designed with a more masculine exterior design along with some new features. The Mitsubishi Colt Diesel FE 76 3 is a diesel based fuel vehicle and is powered by 4D34 engine that empower its performance.

New additional supporting features such as Turbocharger, Inter Cooler, and New injection Pump helps the engine to perform in an optimum way which is in turn will lead to the efficiency of fuel consumption. 

Closed Container Jogja Tandem Truck Rent Specification

In truck rent Jogja service, a closed container tandem truck is for those in need of a vehicle for transporting goods that can also secure the load container in a better manner. With a dimension of 4.35 meter x 2 meter x 2 meter and 18 meter square and about 4 tons or 4000 kg load capacity. As suggested from the name, this type of truck most prominent advantage is the type of container that can secure your articles from any types of weather.

Rain or shine, the consignment business must go on. Mitsubishi FE-83 with six wheels is an excellent example for this type of vehicle. Equipped with 4D34 engine type, Mitsubishi Truck Colt Diesel performs better with the help of some new features such as Turbocharger, New injection Pump, as well as Inter Cooler.

This vehicle is also considered fuel economy. All thanks to the tachometer feature that helps efficient operation that lead to fuel cost-cutting measure. This vehicle is also equipped with a user-friendly control panel.  

Hino VS. Mistubishi VS. Hino

Mitsubishi most known name for tandem truck is Colt Diesel, Dutro for Hino, Fuso (read Jogja Fuso truck rent) and Elf for Isuzu. Dutro or Dina of Hino most prominent feature is in the brakes. It has an excellent response. However, this truck is considered to be less powerful on hilly terrains.

Colt Diesel Mitsubishi is well known for its engine power capacity and excellent transmission. More importantly, the spare parts of the vehicle are easily obtained when you have problem with one of them. However, one of the most prominent drawbacks comes from the brakes.

Isuzu Elf, on the other hand, has the strengths and drawbacks in between those two mentioned previously. Isuzu has been reviewed to be good in the rear suspension, the brakes are also ok, and the power produced by the engine is considered pretty tough.

  Which One to Rent?

Given the written description in the specifications above, which truck to rent is all depends on your needs. Hino, Mitsubishi Cold Diesel, and Isuzu are the most popular options for this type of vehicle.

The only thing that differs the three names is the engine capacity and the features offered by the trucks, and the types of container that suits your needs. That’s why you should choose the right type for your truck rent Jogja needs. And if you want to use car to fulfill your need, feel free to choose any car at the best Yogyakarta car rent.