Suzuki X-Over Rental Yogyakarta

When you come to a X-Over Rental Yogyakarta, you will find so many types of cars offered to you. One of them is X-Over. Let’s explore your chance now with a Suzuki.

Car rent X Over Jogja is an interesting option as the car runs with the same engine as Swift – and the sameness ends here. Aren’t you actually curious how it feels to drive different cars running on the same engine? 

Suzuki X-Over Rental Yogyakarta Crossover 

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Suzuki X-Over
Type : City Car
Brand : Suzuki X-Over
Seat : 5
12 Hours : Rp. 300.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 350.000,-
Car + Driver
12 Hours : Rp. 400.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 475.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 500.000,-
Price All In (Car + Driver + Fuel)
4 Hours : Rp. 375.000,-
6 Hours : Rp. 400.000,-
12 Hours : Rp. 550.000,-
Per Day : Rp.,-
24 Hours : Rp. 700.000,-
Price All In
4 Hours
: Rp. 425.000,-
6 Hours
: Rp. 450.000,-
12 Hours
: Rp. 625.000,-
Per Day
: Rp. 750.000,-
24 Hours
: Rp. 800.000,-

Suzuki has granted a name (SX4) for the city car with a specific meaning: Sport X over four all seasons. But then, Crossover is more familiar. When you want a Crossover in a car rent, chances are you will get a 5-door hatchback. Its mini 4WD SUV is claimed to be the tradition of Suzuki’s compact SUV.

  • Regardless of the impressions or expectations you get from the name, what you will get is actually a city car. It makes people easily tend to compare Crossover and Swift.
  • High ground clearance around 30 cm higher than other cars allowing X-Over to smoothly run on various road conditions
  • HID Xenon fog lamp which functions really good during foggy circumstances
  • Wide legroom for more convenient

X Over Car Rent Jogja City Car  

Suzuki equips its city cars (Crossover and Swift) in Indonesia with M16A 1500cc VVT. Again, a Crossover can be a mini SUV featuring 4-wheel drive or else a hatchback featuring front wheel drive or front engine.

Swift comes with the latter two options only. Under the hood, Crossover is powerful with 100hp 6000rpm and 150Nm 4000rpm of torque.

Rather than Swift, Crossover is a better option for longer trips because the city car comes with a bigger fuel tank (you get extra 5L gas compared to Swift). Crossover is also equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes – definitely suits better for farther trips. 

In A Crossover 

Crossover’s transmission is five and six speed manual, depending on the trim. If you have years of driving experience, manual transmission should not be a problem. The chrome trimmed dashboard and information display support your fun driving.

Still, hiring a driver from the same place where you rent the car is a good option to think of – besides, the passenger’s legroom is comfortable. Being 30cm higher than Swift, Crossover is more suitable when you have to take bumpy roads.

Such challenging route is even more bearable with X Over GT3 that is equipped with 17 inch tubeless tires (Bridgestone Potenza G-III). Unfortunately, GT3 may not be available yet in car rents, but who knows? Maybe you are just lucky. 

With a driver, all you have to do is just enjoy yourself. While your driver will be doing his job, you can look around and enjoy the cabin. It is more elegant, and surely comfier, than Swift’s cabin. With air bags and seat belts, you do not need to worry about safety.

You will also love the larger boot space (300 liters or 270 liters VDA). If you take the front passenger seat, or drive the car yourself, you can make a much larger boot space (up to 1,405 liters or 625 liters VDA) by splitting and folding the rear seats (their tumble/roll configuration is 60:40). Folded rear seats allow you to have a wide flat loading area.

Crossover  Look  

Once you are in a cheap Jogja car rent, Crossover is easy to spot. Again, the city car is a 5-door hatchback. Wheelbase is 2,500mm with 4,150mm (length), 1,775mm (width), and 1,605 (height) in dimension. Crossover is cool with HD Xenon fog lamps – hard to miss, isn’t it? 

All things considered, Crossover looks classier than Swift – inside out. If you plan to take an out of town trip with more luggage, Crossover wins over Swift.

Since Crossover is more suitable for longer hours of trips, you will thank yourself if you hire a driver. But if you want to feel the difference of both Suzuki city cars, hit the pedals yourself. X-Over Rental Yogyakarta is available for your needs, definitely.