Tata Xenon Rental Yogyakarta

What do you know about Tata Xenon Rental Yogyakarta? Another big car manufacturer has come into Indonesia’s automotive market. It’s Tata which comes from India.

This company may not as old as other companies from Japan, United States or Europe such as Honda. However, Tata has made significant progress. It has gotten good sales in several countries since its first appearance.

In fact, Tata is now the biggest car manufacturer in India. This time, Tata launches a 4×4 wheel car named Xenon.

Tata Xenon may not be familiar in Indonesia. Though, you can already rent Tata Xenon car Jogja at affordable price.

You surely want to know how powerful and reliable this car can be. Can Tata compete with other cars made in Japan, Europe or USA? Read on the review below. 

Specifications of Tata Xenon Rental Yogyakarta

Lets start the review of this Tata’s pick up car. We should start with reviewing the engine performance above all. Tata puts the diesel engine of DICOR Euro II with 2.2L of capacity.

However, Tata only offers one transmission. It is a manual transmission with 5-speed. Good news is that the engine can be accelerated up to 160 km/hour. It is quite satisfying.

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Tata Xenon Rent Jogja Price

sewa mobil tata-xenon
Type : Double Cabin
Brand : Tata Xenon
Seat : 4
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 1.500.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 1.900.000,-
Price All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.600.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 2.000.000,-


To improve the engine performance, Tata also adds advanced technology. It allows easier gear movement. The technology’s name is Gearbox GBS-76-5/4.1. It comes with Xenon D-Cab over drive.

With the right technology and system, Tata promises more efficient operational cost compared to other cars in the same class. Moreover, Xenon gets a claim to be powerful car to run on even the hardest road.  

Comparison Between Tata Xenon vs Hilux

One of the biggest competitors that Tata Xenon has to face is Hilux from Toyota, Japan. Hilux is now one of the most popular double cars in Indonesia. Well, how far each car can go? And which one performs better? Check out the answer.

  • Engine Performance

Xenon unfortunately lost the battle against Hilux. It is in the matter of engine performance since Hilux has bigger engine capacity. There are two kinds of engine that Hilux offers. The first one is 2.5L engine and 3.0L engine. Both of the engines are proven powerful and strong. However, Xenon still also has good performance.

  • Passenger and Loading Capacity

When it comes to passenger capacity, Hilux is one step ahead. It is because Hilux has 2 row-seat  used for 5 people. Meanwhile, Xenon only offers 1 row of seat used by up to 3 people. But, both cars have heavy loading capacity.

  • Price

If you only had limited budget, consider buying Tata Xenon for  only 150 million rupiah. Meanwhile, you should pay more expensive for Hilux for 198 million to 450 million rupiah.  

Tata Xenon Superiority

In general, you will get impressive services and performance every time you Tata Xenon Rental Yogyakarta. Its exterior design is as good as Chevrolet.

With ergonomic design, Xenon appears impressively. When you go inside the cabin, there is modern and comforting interior design. It uses black dashboard panel.

Although the features are not really impressive. However, driving a Xenon will never be boring. It is since you can add any additional features according to your need.  

In order to make that every passenger is safe while traveling with Xenon, Tata adds safety features. Some of them are air brake system or ABS. Others are dual airbags, reinforce 3 layer body construction and also side impact beams. They can function optimally to guarantee the passengers’ safety.  

Now that you have read in-depth review of Tata Xenon’s feature and performance, there is no other excuse to Tata Xenon Rental Yogyakarta. You will surely have a great time in Jogja.