The Differences Between Freed and Sienta

If you want a comfortable and luxurious vehicle with high functionality, you may need to consider the differences between Freed and Sienta. Both of these cars have an attractive MPV display with considerable strength and considerable capacity. If you want a family car which is capable of carrying lots of people as well as luggage, both can be considered. Especially if you want to go on vacation and use both of these fleets.

Fleet for Vacation

When you go on vacation, especially to a popular city like Yogyakarta, of course you expect convenience and comfort. It would be great if you can enjoy a nice experience without draining your pocket. You might consider hiring these two fleets. If you read Yogyakarta car rental, you will see both brands on each rental service provider.

By renting a car, there are many conveniences that you can get and you can enjoy many things. If you bring your own vehicle from your hometown, imagine the fatigue that you will feel. Even more the expense can be very costly, though the comfort and ease of traveling will be assured.

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If you hire a taxi, you will spend a lot of money. And if you use public transportation, it will be very troublesome with the family you take. Therefore, renting is a reasonable and economical solution.

The Fundamental Differences between Freed and Sienta

So, what do you need to know about the differences between Freed and Honda Sienta? First of all, Honda Sienta is regarded as one of the Freed rivals which appeared at IMMS (Indonesia International Motor Show) 2016. Toyota claims that their latest production will complement the type of MPV cars from Toyota and there are many advantages to be obtained by buyers.

Sienta will be between Kijang Innova and Grand New Avanza. The existence of Sienta certainly make a bit of Honda dizzy because Freed has not experienced any refreshing or significant changes. With competitors like Sienta, Honda would have to let go of their laziness and get active.

Design Differences

When viewed from the exterior side, both styles are almost similar. With sliding doors and stylish body construction, we can be sure both will compete tightly. What are the differences between Freed and Sienta? Both have an almost boxy shape with a tapered front and a bigger bifocal.

However, Sienta has a sharp line on the body, precisely at the front. While Freed has a more plain and simple impression. However, despite the simplicity, the look of the Freed still looks sporty and dynamic. Modern and fun impression is also seen in both cars. If you read Freed, you will get a clearer picture

Dimensional Difference

On the front, Sienta has a sloping design and lines that form the catfish design. On Freed, the shape is more boxed and the hood is more unique. But of course Freed and Sienta’s differences regarding design depend on each individual’s choice. Both have almost similar dimensions. Sienta’s length is about 4,235 mm with width of 1695 mm while Freed length 4,215 mm with width 1,700 mm. Not much difference in dimensions that are too flashy because both have wide cabin space. However, Freed has a wider and more spacious front space than Sienta.

Machine Difference

Both of these cars have a 1.5 liter engine but their output power is quite different. Freed is capable of producing 117 hp power with 146 Nm of torque while Sienta can only produce 109 hp with 143 Nm of torque. Sienta uses a dual VVT-I NR Series engine coupled with a CVT transmission.

Freed uses 5 speed automatic VTEC transmission technology. If the latest Freed will be launched, the engine will use smaller capacities but with turbocharged technology with great power. Please read Sienta car and its specifications for more details.

In terms of features of course Sienta has an advantage because this car is relatively new. Its feature which can turn on the car by pressing the button is also quite helpful, unfortunately Sienta has not had a folding rear-view mirror. If you want to know the differences between Freed and Sienta further, there are many sources you can read.