The Differences Between Toyota Alphard and Nav1

Actually what are the differences between Toyota Alphard and Nav1? And why is it important? If you see the look of the outer design at a glance, there are some similarities of both of these vehicles. First, they are made by the same manufacturer, Toyota. Second, they are designed to meet the premium and luxury market share.

Therefore, the price range is both quite high, especially for Alphard. Thirdly, they both have similar lines and silhouettes, though not the same. With almost the same dimensions, and also with a sliding door, many people can not distinguish between them. But if you want to spend a little extra time, you will be able to see the differences.

Differences Between Toyota Alphard and Nav1: For Middle Up Market

It is undeniable that both cars are made to meet the upper middle market share. With a premium, exclusive, and luxurious design, do not be surprised if the price for both vehicles is quite high. But, if you want to try driving and feeling the driving experience in both of these cars, you might consider a car rental.

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By renting, you can see and compare both – whichever you prefer. If you read the car rental, the provision of services, as well as the requirements to rent are not really difficult to meet the requirements. After all, you know the advantages and disadvantages of each car without having to spend a lot of money – which you will likely regret.

Exterior Differences

Although many people say that these two cars are almost similar, you will see the differences of Alphard and Nav1. In terms of exterior course, the shape of the Nav1 is more daring and also more handsome, while Alphard is considered a more classic and elegant form. One more thing, Nav1 has a more boxy look, so this whole MPV looks more macho.

On the front, the second fascia has a fairly large grille with chrome accents that looks interesting when combined with medium-sized box lights. The front bumper is medium-sized and has a long windpipe. It looks neatly combined with fog-lamp on both sides of the car. There is a futuristic and modern impression on both. Not to mention both have a sliding door that allows access in and out so that adds to the function of the vehicle.

Interior Differences

If you want to read about Alphard or Nav1, complete with specifications and details, and then you compare the two.  There are some subtle differences in Alphard and Nav 1. Both are designed to be able to accommodate 7 adult passengers. It means both have spacious and comfortable space.

The interior is more dominated by black, but of course you can make adjustments that are necessary to your liking. Although many say that both have the same luxurious atmosphere, it must be admitted that the cabin of Alphard is more luxurious and classy, ​​although Nav1 also has the same look.

Dimension and Machine Differences

When compared, the two dimensions are almost the same. The difference of Alphard and Nav1 indicates that the weight of Nav1 lighter, relatively light for the category of MPV type. As Nav1 is more focused as an agile urban vehicle, it should be nimble without sacrificing performance. Even more, the weight of Nav1 is made lighter.

The engine used in Nav1 is the same as the one used on Alphard. However, it has a smaller capacity. Toyota seems confident with the performance of Nav1. It comes with a combination of lighter weight and almost the same engine with Alphard. Nav1 is not only strong and powerful but also nimble.

Feature Differences

It is undeniable that the feature is an important element in the automotive world. But of course, the features available at Alphard are much more complete and more modern than the features available in Nav1. If you want to learn all the differences between Toyota Alphard and Nav1 more clearly, there are many sources you can use.