Toyota Altis Rental Yogyakarta

The Altis Rental Yogyakarta service is designed to provide every need in car usage and function, such as wedding transportation, business trip, and also traveling around.

After all, we are talking about Jogja, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. It is only logical if providers in car rental services also consider Altis as one of their fleets. 

Reliable Altis Rental Yogyakarta 

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rental mobil Toyota Altis
Type : Sedan
Brand : Toyota Altis
Seat : 5
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 1.250.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.500.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.350.000,-
Per Day/18 Hours : Rp. 1.600.000,-

When you want to enjoy comfortable trip and traveling around your favorite spot in the city, a lot of factors can contribute to your satisfaction.

The option for your means of transportation is definitely one of them; when you have comfortable ride, you will definitely enjoy your overall traveling experience.

When it comes to high quality rides, the all new Honda Altis should be included in your list.

This sedan has all the things you need from reliable transportation: sporty design, sharp and curvy construction with stand out front side lamps, and simply catchy and stunning look.

From the exterior look, the ride looks so promising and reliable; can you imagine the great comfort and the plush sensation in the interior cabin? 

Altis Car Rent Jogja Main Perks 

When you choose Altis Rental Yogyakarta, of course there are a lot of good reasons to choose Altis, anyway. The car can deliver some of the great things, covering a lot of good features, such as:

  • On V type Altis, you can find sophisticated head unit on the dashboard, as well as the LCD on the middle of the console. This feature is good for your entertainment option as well as helping you with the navigation.
  • The steering wheel is covered in leather, so it feels nice and solid when grasped. The AC control is digital, so it is easier and simpler in the operation.
  • The design is simple and yet catchy. It has downright front grille with bird wings on the side console. The fog lamp and the overall design of the lamps will enhance the appearance of the ride.

What to Like from Altis  

This ride is big and spacious enough, able to accommodate 5 passengers. There are also two different engines types, the 1800 cc (able to deliver 143 hp of power) and the 2000 cc (able to deliver 153 hp of power).

The 1800 cc engine is using manual 5 speed transmission, while the 2000 cc engine is using automatic 4 speed transmission.

Sophisticated Features on Altis  

When you decide to rent a car, you certainly want to get the best from the provided features, right? That’s why Altis comes with all the right stuffs at Jogja car rent. The throttle by wire feature is very handy in helping the car makes fast transmission changes, even when doing it to the Sequential position.

When you are doing manual transmission, it will deliver smooth performance and swift outcome. The smart key feature helps driver start the car easily and conveniently.

You can also enjoy the cruise control technology, along with the electric curtain that will give you a greater deal of comfort because it helps shading you from the heat. Even when you are traveling by day, the sunlight and the heat won’t bother you. 

The interior cabin is pretty spacious and roomy. It is covered in beige to deliver elegant feel and homey atmosphere. The seats are pretty plush with leather cover – delivering simple yet luxurious effect. The dashboard is adorned with wooden accent, which is also available for the door trim option.

There are some specific areas where you can find storage consoles, which are quite handy when it comes to expanding your storage choices. 

Be sure that Altis has it all when it comes to promising performance on the road as well as sophisticated comfort for the interior space. You won’t regret using Altis Rental Yogyakarta for your traveling needs.