Toyota Calya Rental Yogyakarta Matic and Manual

Why consider Toyota Calya Rental Yogyakarta? First, this Japanese-made car has a trendy appearance and also a large enough space. As a car made for the MPV segment, this type of course is very suitable to use with family. You do not need to bother yourself to drive your private car all the way to Yogyakarta for a vacation.

Just consider the possibility of Toyota Calya Rental Yogyakarta and you can enjoy precious time with family and unforgettable holiday experience. Of course, it would be better if you know the specifications and advantages of Calya before hiring it.

The Specification of Toyota Calya Rental Yogyakarta

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As a tourist city, Yogyakarta has many tourist destinations with its own uniqueness. It includes the different cultural influences from other places – including where you come from. If you want to spend your vacation around the places of interest, of course you need the right means of transportation.

It would be more efficient if you could rent a car instead of using a taxi. Moreover, there are many trusted places that serve Toyota Calya Rental Yogyakarta with reasonable price and good service. You only need to read the car contract and read in detail so that you understand your rights and obligations as a consumer.

Toyota Calya Interior

The spacious interior space is one of the reasons why you need to consider renting Calya. Calya is able to accommodate 7 passengers, where the second and third rows are made as comfortable as possible with bubble head lining, which forms the roof with a pillar C which is bulging upward.

In addition to spacious and comfortable space, comfort, and entertainment features are set with all the ease and sophistication of the technology. Dashboard with layered display screen gives the impression of luxury; not to mention the finger rest, AC buttons that are easily accessible, and many other conveniences. On the front passenger seat, there is a storage area that allows you to carry additional items. There are also security features with airbags that will protect you and your family when there is a collision.

Exterior of Toyota Calya

If you look at the overall design, Toyota Calya has a dynamic and simple design but it is also elegant and modern. Calya combines elegant and luxurious elements wrapped in simplicity that is actually quite striking. When compared with Agya, there are striking differences on the front. The front of Calya is similar to Avanza, with sharp headlights. Grille without chrome is connected to a trapezium-shaped air channel, giving a sporty impression. However, the back is larger and wider to accommodate a wider interior space. It can be said that Calya has a combination of designs from Avanza, Panca, and even Go – which can be seen from the front side and rear glass.

Toyota Calya Car Engine

If you want to consider a Calya Jogja rental car, of course the engine and power should be the main thing – you do not want to be stranded somewhere when you’re on vacation, do not you? This car uses a 3NR 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,197 cc and dual VVT-I technology that produces 88 ps for each 6000 rpm rotation and 11 Kgm of maximum torque. With a 5 speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic, Calya is expected to deliver a smooth and fun driving experience. Moreover fuel consumption of this car is quite economical, where 1 liter can be used to travel 20 km. Calya believed to be economical like Datsun Go +, Karimun Wagon R, and Ayla and Agya.

Advantages of Cars Calya

When viewed from the overall combination of exterior, interior, and car engines, it is easy to see that Calya has other advantages. In addition to comfort and has an attractive design, Calya is very economical in fuel without reducing its performance. If you want to rent this car, you need to read cheap car rental Yogyakarta to know the benefits that you will get.

Of course, your choice is not limited to Calya. If you wish, you can read the lease of Xenia and find out the specifications. However, you need to be aware that Toyota Calya Rental Yogyakarta can benefit you in many ways.