Affordable Toyota Fortuner Rental Yogyakarta

There are reasons to choose Toyota Fortuner Rental Yogyakarta. Jogja is one of Indonesia provinces with lots of tourism objects. Both in and out of town tourism places are worth visiting, especially if your chance of visiting Jogja does not always come every year.

Use your time wisely and explore as many places as possible, including the countryside. In fact, if you want to find natural beauty instead of a swarming city center, countryside tourism is an excellent option. What you need is only a reliable vehicle like Toyota Fortuner. 

Running on either diesel or gasoline, Toyota Fortuner is an Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) with great capacity for all kinds of terrains. The car was used for an intercontinental travel, dropping in on 23 countries and 60 cities.

The achievement alone is enough to convince you to rent the SUV for your countryside trips. How about the engine, the look, the safety, and all that? Read on to find out.

Toyota Fortuner Rental Yogyakarta Luxury SUV 

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Toyota Fortuner
Type : SUV
Brand : Toyota Fortuner
Seat : 7
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 1.000.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.400.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.100.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 1.500.000,-

Toyota Fortuner possesses a luxurious design of an SUV. With the 221mm of ground clearance and 265/65 17-inch of wheel, the car looks bulky as if you would have to climb up to get into the cabin – of course it won’t be a problem for naturally tall people. On the outside look, the SUV boasts stylish lamps, wing mirrors, alloy wheels, and almost every other little details. The whole look makes the car tasteful for town rides as well as rugged for rural off roads.

 Don’t worry about the comfort in either case of leisure. In the inside, Toyota Furtuner is built with a roomy cabin that can load seven people including the driver – unless you want to sit behind the steering wheel, just do the math. Luxurious features are obvious on the dashboard, ceiling AC, personal supply holders, etc. Off-roading can be fun, let alone city riding.

Fortuner Car Rent Jogja Forceful Engines

Yes, Toyota Fortuner runs on either diesel or gasoline, but both types of engine are equipped with ECU technology that enhances engine efficiency. As you know it, an efficiently working engine allows for optimum gas mileage – consider yourself supporting the movement of saving our earth.

So, what are exactly the specs of both engines?

  • The diesel-fuel engine is D-4D Turbo Inter-cooler type 2KD-FTV VN. It comes with Common Rail technology of injection system, Turbo VNT, and inter-cooler. The engine delivers 114ps at 3,400rpm.
  • The gasoline-fuel engine is 16-valve 2TR-FE 4IL, equipped with DOHCVVT-i technology. The engine delivers 1,604ps at 5200 rpm.

Low Engine Sound

Don’t you think both types of engine are quite promising? Yes, surely they are. What’s more, both are excellent options. You may have already had the experience of riding on a diesel engine, so you know how annoyingly croaky the sound is even from the inside of the cabin.

It will not be the same with Toyota Fortuner. The interior is lined with special material to reduce any harshness, vibration, and noise. The cabin is exceptionally quiet regardless of the type of the engine, so you can sit back and enjoy your ride comfortably.

 Ride for Safety  

Toyota Fortuner is indeed a promising car to rent when you are in Jogja. Fortuner at Jogja car rent has everything you need when you rent a car: powerful engine and comfortable riding. Still, don’t forget about the safety. The SUV is equipped with GOA technology and supplement restrain airbags for maximum protection on behalf of the passengers in the event of a collision.

But let’s not jump into the worst case scenario because Toyota Fortuner has a helpful MID for multiple tasks including safety, so you bet your safe ride is the topmost priority of the vehicle. Now, why not considering Toyota Fortuner Rental Yogyakarta?