Toyota Hilux Rental Yogyakarta

Planning to reserve  Toyota Hilux Rental Yogyakarta? This year, Toyota launched the newest 4×4 wheel car. It got a huge attention. It is Toyota Hilux car. It offers powerful engine and advanced features.

With its superiority, Hilux has attracted much interest and more buyers. Therefore, people who want to rent Hilux car Jogja has increased too. To know more about this 4×4 car, check out the review below.  

Competition between double cabin cars in Indonesia is an interesting thing. It happens because all competitors fight so hard to increase the sales. Among the competitors, Toyota has become one of the strongest ones.

Specifications Of Toyota Hilux Rental Yogyakarta

The first thing that attracts attention is Hilux’s engine performance. This pick up car has been specifically designed. It allows solid and powerful performance you can rely on all the time.

Now, Toyota offers two different engines. The first one is DOHC diesel engine. It comes with 2.5 L of capacity, 4 cylinders and 6-speed transmission.

The second engine has DOCH VVT-I. It comes with 2.0L capacity and 5-speed transmission.

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Rent Toyota Hilux Jogja Price

Wrangler Rubicon
Type : Double Cabin
Brand : Toyota Hilux
Seat : 4
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 1.500.000
Per Day/18 Hours : Rp. 1.900.000,-
Price All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 1.600.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 2.000.000,-


Similar to its predecessors, Toyota is confident that this newest series will achieve the same success. It is since it has reliable engine performance.

It also has impressive exterior and interior design. Hilux is the right car to drive in Indonesia. It is as Indonesia still have many difficult terrains requiring powerful car.

Comparison Between Hilux and Ford Ranger

The competition between double cabin cars is intense. Hilux should face many competitors. They include Ford Ranger, Jeep car and Triton car. For now, we’ll compare Hilux and Ford Ranger to see each’ superiority.

The good news is that both Hilux and Ford Ranger have big engine capacities. They are 2.5L and 3.0L. This means that both can deliver powerful performance. In fact, Ford Ranger’s domination in Indonesia cannot be taken lightly. It is because it is very reliable on the hardest terrains.

  • Exterior and Interior

Hilux and Ford Ranger has great exterior and interior. They offer masculine and solid exterior. When you move into the cabin, you will have two row-seat. You can use it for 5 people.

  • Price

Well, Hilux has the similar price range with Ford Ranger. They are sold from 320 million to 450 million rupiahs. This is affordable offer considering its great performance.

Hilux Car Superiority

Are you going to rent Hilux Jogja? Well, read on this further review regarding its superiority for sure. It’s true that Hilux has incredibly powerful engine.

It’s also true that the exterior is impressive. It comes with more masculine front fascia. It also has big headlamp with strong chrome accent. Another is fog lamp that functions optimally. Hilux is also impressive thanks to its perfect shape.

Inside the cabin, Hilux offers some safety and entertainment features. They are high quality leather material for passenger seats. The dashboard panel is easy to operate.

It is even more perfect thanks to its impressive driving performance. It does not only have heavy loading capacity. It also has towing capacity. This car is a multi-functional car.

Hilux offers a series of superiority. Hence, it will certainly be very easy to opt for Toyota Hilux Rental Yogyakarta. There will be no regret for sure. So, call the car rent company and book the car right away.