Toyota Innova Rental Yogyakarta

The benefits of Toyota Innova rental Yogyakarta are abundant. Jogja offers a great range of magnificent and interesting tourist spots to visit. You can use either using public transports or private cars.

Rent car business is a growing and promising big business to this city. There are many rent car companies. They offer their service with new cars and new features. They also offer excellent and accommodating drivers. They have exceptional English and driving skills for overseas tourists, etc.

Innova is notable in its class for its excellence features. The following article will describe in details. Why Innova worth your consideration when renting for private cars?

Innova Car Rent Jogja Features 

Innova has a great power and dimension. It is famous as a well-liked medium class Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) in Indonesia. This quality makes the car popular for rent car purposes.

Innova rent car type GV is available in some colors. They are silver, black, and white with gasoline and diesel fuel for both manual and automatic.

This car features integrated key with Toyota Auto Alarm, new Airbags SRS dual. Meanwhile, the new seat-belt comes which with Force Limiter and Pretensioner, and 4 most modern Urethane steering Spokes wheel.

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Type : Small MPV
Brand : Toyota Innova
Seat : 8
12 Hours : Rp. –
24 Hours : Rp. –
Price + Driver
12 Hours : Rp. 400.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 475.000,-
24 Hours : Rp. 500.000,-
(Car + Driver + Fuel)
4 Hours : Rp. 450.000,-
6 Hours : Rp. 500.000,-
12 Hours : Rp. 550.000,-
Per Day : Rp.,-
24 Hours : Rp. 700.000,-
Price All In
4 Hours
: Rp. 500.000,-
6 Hours
: Rp. 550.000,-
12 Hours
: Rp. 625.000,-
Per Day
: Rp. 750.000,-
24 Hours
: Rp. 800.000,-


Innova also bring integrated rear blower AC for rear seat passenger,  comfort and stylish full cap 195/70 R14 tire. It comes with steel wheel, and wireless lock system.

Additionally, Toyota Innova also features intermittent mist, pillar antenna, and wiper for rear windows. Others are seat cover from vinyl, plus interior color in dual tome.

Innova Interior Design

The new Innova put interior design into a serious business too. It comes with its futuristic design and contemporary yet elegant dashboard with wood accent. Safety feature is also a serious consideration for Innova in spite of comfort. 

You can see it from the entire passenger seats equipped with seat-belt. Luggage comes with quite spacious dimension.  It also comes with baggage extension equipped with luggage tray and cargo net. 

Innova Car Rent Jogja: Diesel Fuel VS. Gasoline  

Either diesel fuel or gasoline to consider when renting a car, maintenance is also an important aspect to look up to. Innova offers type E, G, and V for diesel fuel based car.

Innova offers only type J for its category. In terms of maintenance and fuel efficiency and economy, diesel based category is financially friendlier.

In spite of economically friendly, diesel fuel based cars also offer a way much superior power. In term of cost, this type of car is pricey compare to its counterpart, the gasoline based category. 

Do you put fuel economy in your top list when renting a car?  Hence, diesel fuel based Innova might be an excellent option for you.  

Manual VS. Automatic Cars 

If it is time efficiency become your consideration, then Toyota Innova automatic offers you more value than the manual Innove especially. It is a great choice when you are in a dreadful traffic jam.

Yet, if fuel efficiency is your consideration, then Innova with manual transmission is a good option. It is because the automatic transmission consuming more fuel. Innova with manual transmission is available in type J, E, G, and V. The automatic transmission Innova offers type E, G, and V.

 Rent Car Price List for Innova 

Renting car at Jogja rent car companies offer affordable price. Innova is popular in MPV medium car. It comes with spacious dimension and immense power. It comes with comes in both gasoline fuel based and diesel fuel based. Innova is a fuel efficient car and is great value for both domestic and overseas tourists.

Rent car reservation can be easily done. You can book it through hotels or rent car companies around Jogja. Guest houses, hotels, or inns often offers the service. Toyota Innova rental Yogyakarta reservation is available online through telephone, email, android based application such as Whatsapp.