Toyota Nav1 Rental Yogyakarta

If you decide to have a vacation in Yogyakarta and want a convenience for your transportation, you should consider Toyota Nav1 rental Yogyakarta. Having a vacation in Yogyakarta would not be complete without visiting tourist attractions. Renting a car would be much more economical compared to hiring a taxi.

Even more if you travel with many family members, you will face all the hassles. By renting Nav1 Jogja, at least you do not have to worry about all the hassles and other things.

The Specification of Toyota Nav1 Rental Yogyakarta

Maybe you ask, why you need consider Nav1 rental Jogja. Why not with Alphard or Vellfire? Yet all of the three are Toyota products. It’s good if you also read clearly the detailed Alphard or Vellfire. It is necessary for an overview before making a decision.

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After getting a clearer picture, then you can make the right decision. But keep in mind also that Nav1 is often juxtaposed with Alphard. It is believed to have similar specifications. So, it really does not hurt if you consider a more economical option without reducing the quality and comfort. It is with Nav1.

Interior of the Toyota Nav 1

If you consider Nav1 rental Yogyakarta, you must consider the interior factor which must be comfortable and also safe. By renting a car, you will spend a lot of time in the cabin to travel to the destination. Nav1 is always ready with its comfortable and luxurious design.

It is because this car can accommodate 7 people. Of course, spacious and comfortable space becomes an important point. Comfortable chair with luxurious coating material is dominated by black color. The seat arrangement is also made flexible with seats in the second row that can be spun.

Even more, there is a Console Box that serves as a cooler or cooler (depending on your needs) to enjoy drink cans you carry. You can also enjoy dual zone air conditioning, USB devices, advanced audio devices, and other modern features.

Exterior Toyota Nav1

In addition to the comfortable interior, the outer look is also important. It is also used by vehicle rental services in Yogyakarta. If you want to rent Nav1 Jogja, you can see the design which is so artistic and elegant. When compared with Alphard, it has a lot of similarities but many agree that Nav1 has a more dashing look. Meanwhile Alphard puts forward a more classic and elegant look.

From the design of the front only, you can see the front fascia with a large grille and chrome accents that look suitable with medium-sized box lights. The existence of a sliding door facilitates access out and in. Moreover, the back that is formed with lines and curves of interest.

Toyota Nav1 Engine

Nav1 uses 4-cylinder inline engine 3ZR-FAE with 16 valves with a capacity of 2.0 liters. It has a combustion capability that is satisfactory or high enough. With settings like this, Nav1 can generate power up to 158 PS channeled through a 7 speed CVT automatic transmission.

The result is that it produces a good speed with a fairly smooth acceleration. If you want to consider renting this car, it’s good. You can read the car rental company that offers the latest fleet.

Advantages of Nav1

If talking about the benefits of Nav1, there will be a lot you can enjoy. The attractive appearance, comfortable cabin, strong power, and good performance are the reasons why Nav1 is favored by many people. Of course, this comes back to your personal preference. Of course you are also free to choose the type of car you like, for example from Hyundai.

Make sure you also choose the right service provider. Nothing wrong if you also read the promo Jogja car, where you could save more for Toyota Nav1 rental Yogyakarta.