Toyota Sienta Rental Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, Klaten

When on vacation to Yogyakarta, have you ever considered Toyota Sienta rental Yogyakarta? Of course there are some good reasons why you should consider Sienta as your preferred rental car. When you are on vacation, especially when coming to Yogyakarta, there are many interesting places of entertainment.

You can visit them with family, although some of them are quite far from the center of Yogyakarta. But when you rent a car, you do not have to worry about the transportation anymore and of course you do not need to pay much than if you hire a taxi. Sienta Jogja car rental can provide many benefits without having to spend too much.

Toyota Sienta Rental Yogyakarta Specification

There are many types of vehicle available when you want to rent a car. However, there are some similarities between Sienta and Honda Freed. Judging from the design and dimension, both have broad and spacious dimension, which make both ideal as family car even when you have to drive with many people.

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You can read the difference between Freed and Sienta or read Honda Freed to find out the detailed specifications. So, you can make a clear decision between Sienta and Freed. After all, there are so many professional car rental places that provide a new, clean, and comfortable Sienta.

Interior of Toyota Sienta

Basically, the accent inside the interior of Sienta is quite minimalist but not too minimalist. The dashboard looks simple with a layered design that gives the sweet, dynamic, and also modern impression. Access to features is made as easy as possible. So it’s easier for you as a driver or passenger. For example, on the top of the dashboard, you can find AC, instrument panel, head unit holder, and also the efficient start/stop button.

One of the reasons why many people like to rent Sienta Jogja is its comfortable interior, simple cabin design, and also a variety of new features that complement this car. There is also a system steering switch with multi-screen TFT information with touch screen feature that simplifies everything. Moreover, the sliding door design allows access in and out of the vehicle.

Toyota Sienta Exterior

As mentioned earlier, Sienta is often compared to Honda Freed, which means that both have a modern design but still elegant and simple. There is an exclusive, luxurious, and premium impression when you see the design but the impression that is not excessive. It is not surprising that many people are interested in Sienta rental. It is especially with the fact that it does not cost much to lease it.

Its shape is quite modern with a grille on the front of the trapezium-shaped, similar to the design on the Toyota Yaris. The rounded shape of the fog lamp and LED headlamp lights further adds the allure of Sienta.

Toyota Sienta Car Engine

There are two engine options for Sienta, hybrid or standard. For standard engine, Sienta uses VVT-iE L4 DOHC 16 valve engine with 1.500cc cylinder capacity It is capable of producing power up to 109 ps, especially when paired with Super CVT-I as the transmission.

This engine is fuel-efficient but powerful enough. It is able to travel 20 km with 1 liter of fuel. For hybrid engine, the same type of engine but larger capacity, capable of producing power 74 PS. This hybrid engine is more fuel efficient. 1 liter can travel 27 km.

Sienta Advantages of Sienta Rental Yogyakarta

If you read the car in Jogja for rental, there are various choices of vehicles available. There are also various benefits that you can choose. Sienta has an attractive and modern design. It is very powerful. It is able to consume fuel efficiently without affecting its performance and comfort.

Its technological factor and the ease of access make it more simple and fun. Who says you always have to spend much to rent a car. If you come to Yogyakarta and want to get around, consider Toyota Sienta rental Yogyakarta for your transportation convenience as well as relief on your wallet.