Travello Car Rental Yogyakarta: The Big Fleet for Comfy Riding and Traveling

You are probably wondering what’s the difference of Travello Car Rental Yogyakarta and the Pregio? Well, when you have to make comparison, there’s nothing much in their differences, really.

It mostly comes to the size and the capacity of the vehicle. With Pregio, you can ‘only’ accommodate 12 people, while with Travello you can accommodate up to 16 people. 

Travello Car Rental Yogyakarta: The Advantages

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sewa Kia Travello
Type : Micro Bus
Brand : Kia Travello
Seat : 12
Bus + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 650.000
Per Day : Rp. 800.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 750.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 900.000,-

When you are traveling, it is quite logical that you don’t bring you car with you. But then again, you may need reliable means of transportation because you want to explore around.

Well, unless you want to spend your holiday by staying the whole day in your hotel room, that’s another different story. That’s why you need reliable car rental service if you long for the easiness and flexibility to move around the city. 

The  Travello car rental Yogyakarta is available to help people move around – including to serve your needs in moving around. With KIA Travello, you can definitely enjoy the freedom of accommodating a lot of people.

When you go along with your family members and you also deal with loads of cargo and baggage, you need a reliable fleet without having to spend a fortune. Not only the ride offers nice seating arrangements, this micro-bus vehicle also offers elegance and luxury.

A micro bus offers a good design and comfort.  Be sure that you only enjoy great satisfaction with this special fleet. 

Travello Car Rent Jogja Promising Cabin

One of the things to like about this ride is the spacious cabin. Roomy spacious affects your comfort when traveling, especially with clever seating arrangements. There are 4 rows seating arrangements that can be adjusted to the way you like it.

The interior specification is very lux and on the top grade. After all, Travello has been designed as a vehicle for long trip, so everything inside the cabin has been arranged in the best management possible.

Besides being able to accommodate a lot of passengers, the ride is super comfortable. With the addition of other features, you should fall in love with this ride right away.   

The new Travello is somewhat more convenient and nice because of the 6 inch addition on the chassis. Moreover, with 16 seating arrangement, you can expect great flexibility and roomy cabin.

The total dimension of the ride is 5.115 mm in length, 1.740 mm in width, and 2.030 mm in height – spacious enough to handle different passengers. When you want a good combination of good price, economical fuel, comfort, and tough performance, then you will get Travello.

What to Like about Travello

The machine in Travello is high in quality and pretty sophisticated. It has 4 cylinder diesel engine with 8 valves. Is it pretty tough and powerful? You bet it is!

The exterior design is another thing to like about this ride. It is modern with a touch of luxury and elegance. The rounded body delivers the modern message, especially when topped off with radial tires and racing wheels.

You can also find strong lines on the body, big front lamp, and big outside mirror. The construction is solid and sturdy with good stability factor.

Travello vs Pregio

There is also another popular minibus, the KIA Pregio available at car rent company. This is also a good choice to travel both short and long distance.

It combines high technology with elegant design that allows this car to be very reliable. The features are top notch such as sliding door. It can accommodate up to 12 passengers less than Travello that can accommodate up to 16 passengers.

Travello vs ELF Short

Another competitor is the ELF short from Isuzu. This is a reliable vehicle to accommodate your need to travel with family, friends or colleagues. It can accommodate more passengers than Travello though which is up to 20 passengers.

The Luxurious Elements

The added luxury is what to like about Travello. When you come into the cabin, you can see the overall part of the molded plastic without the plastic-ky feel.

You can also enjoy the high quality seating design as well as the materials that would support your comfort. Reclining seat is one of the standard features from the vehicle.

Now that you have read about all the good features from Travello, are you still doubtful about the good service from Travello car rental Yogyakarta?