Tronton Truck Rent Yogyakarta 20 Tons

People in Indonesia have their own names for large trucks, including Tronton Truck Rent Yogyakarta. The name is derived from the number of axles, one front axle for two tires and two rear axles each of which is for four tires. For convenience, let’s just call it a semi-trailer truck – without being too strict on the definition. 

Tronton Truck Rent Yogyakarta with Large Cargo Space 

The strongest advantage of a Tronton truck is a large cargo space. People have been using the truck for various purposes like a family moving in or out, merchandise shipping, produce delivery, and so on. The specific purpose normally determines which type of cargo space to use: box or open-box.  A box Tronton truck has a cube cargo area while an open-box truck comes with a bed of an open-box to load cargo. 

Container/m : Tronton
Length : 7,5-9
Width : 2,4
Heigth : 2.1-2.5
Load Capacity : 20-25 Tons/18 M
Standard Load Capacity : 12 Tons
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Box Tronton Truck Rent

A Tronton truck with a cube cargo area is a good option when you have to shield your goods from sunbeams and rainwater. The cargo area dimension is 7m in length, 2.4m in width, and 2.1m in height. The box is ready to stock pile goods or solutions up to 12,000kg or 34m3, respectively. You have to be accurate in advance that your cargo will not exceed the maximum capacity. So long as there is no problem in terms of cargo quantity, the box Tronton truck is the best option due to the weather protection feature. 

Before you come to a truck rent Jogja and make your arrangement, you need to think about the engine of the truck. Tronton trucks with box cargo space are available with several options of engine, one of which is Mitsubishi Fuso FN 527 ML 6×4 that runs on a 6D16 220PS. The engine is furthermore supported with Turbo Intercooler and Final Ratio for a much better performance, especially on challenging roads. What’s more, the 9-speed transmission is equipped with Eaton Transmission, allowing for smoother shifts of gear regardless of the terrain. 

  The Open-Box Tronton Truck

A Tronton truck with an open-box cargo bed comes in two options: standard and built-up. The dimension of a standard Tronton truck’s cargo bed is 7.5m in length and 2.4m in width, which is enough to hoard 15,000kg of goods or 40m3 of solutions. A built-up Tronton truck comes with a different dimension of cargo bed: 9.5m in length and 2.4m in width. The latter open-box cargo bed takes in 20,000kg of goods or 45m3 solutions. 

Compared to a box cargo, an open-box cargo bed is a more suitable option when you cannot be certain about your cargo quantity. Besides, you have two different sizes of cargo bed option to choose from. The 5,000kg of disparity should be able to tell you which size that suits your need better. Don’t worry about the weather because you can always put a box cover over the top of your goods. Still, it surely cannot be an option when your delivery requires a total weather protection, including from natural temperature, such as in a beef delivery.

A Tronton Truck Alternative 

You may be interested in exploring other alternatives for Tronton trucks. In such case, people generally turn to Fuso, another semi-trailer truck (read Jogja Fuso truck rent). Fuso is originally a Mitsubishi truck, but becomes an accustomed name for a two-axle truck in Indonesia. An Indonesian Fuso truck typically runs on a 4000cc engine with two different sizes of cargo space. The standard cargo space is 6m in length and 2.4m in width for up to 15,000kg of load while the jumbo cargo space is 8m in length and 2.4m in width for up to 20,000kg of load. 

Now, before choosing an option, please come and check the truck yourself. A Tronton truck rent Jogja will help you determine which type of truck is best for you. Or, there is also the best Yogyakarta car rent if you need to rent any type of car.