Toyota Vellfire Rental Yogyakarta

You should consider Vellfire Rental Yogyakarta for several good reasons. Do you happen to be planning a vacation in Jogja, Indonesia? Yes, it is a wonderful place where you can find so many things to explore. And yet your well planned vacation will be a waste if you miss one important thing: vehicle. Think about a luxury car and make your vacation a true one. 

Toyota Vellfire Rental Yogyakarta 

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sewaToyota Vellfire
Type : Big MPV
Brand : Toyota Vellfire
Seat : 6
Car + Driver + Fuel
12 Hours : Rp. 2.500.000
Per Day : Rp. 3.000.000,-
All In One
12 Hours : Rp. 3.100.000,-
Per Day : Rp. 2.100.000,-


Vellfire is a luxury big MPV car – no wonder that the car is labelled a high class vehicle. Even without being so exclusive, Toyota does have its own enthusiasts. For the company, having Vellfire on the market is like a nice topping on the cake, not to mention the powerful engine and large cabin of the MPV. It is perfect for an in town parade, as much as it is for a Jogja ring road tour or beyond. 


Vellfire Rents in Jogja Models

Since Toyota wanted to serve you with the best lavishness possible, Vellfire comes in five models, X, Z, ZA, ZG, and Royal Lounge. The X model is standard, but you really cannot take the standard for granted – eight seats, power sliding doors, R16, sunroof, etc. The Z model offers two options, Audioless and Platinum Full Option. The Z Audioless model comes with R18, captain seats at the second row, power sliding doors, sunroof, etc. while the

Platinum Full Option comes with entertainment features including 18 speakers, three cameras, and two TVs. The ZA model’s strong point is the luxurious interior: wooden panel along the dashboard and door trim, versatile front passenger seat, R18, etc. Next, the ZG model also has two classes, Audioless and Premium Sound, each of which features the same as the Z model. 

Still,the ZG model from rent car Vellfire Jogja offers more features, such as twin moon roofs, side curtain airbags, 9 SRS, Nano ionizer automatic triple zone AC, ottoman, smart entry, engine start push button, cruise control, door mirror, side turn door lamp, 16 colors of ambient lighting with four levels of brightness, R18, electric front seats, electric seats at the second row, power rear door, rear door with shade, etc. The ZG model’s features are indeed jaw dropping, so let’s not wasting time on the Royal Lounge. 

Vellfire Rents in Jogja 

Now, are you considering renting a Vellfire for your next visit in Jogja? Even though you are not a minister of the country or the CEO of a company, enjoying a vacation with a Vellfire in Jogja is surely going to be great. The comfort the car offers is second to none – well, comparable only to Alphard, perhaps. Anyway, Alphard feels so much like Vellfire X – only that the latter car’s grill is more stylish and sporty, but hey, why bother the grill.

Vellfire Or…  

Yes, the best alternative for Vellfire is Alphard – not being a Toyota enthusiast here, but the two cars are roughly twin siblings. If you are not so into the details of automobile, Vellfire and Alphard look so much alike. In general, Vellfire is sporty while Alphard is elegant. Vellfire is more masculine, Alphard is more feminine. Yes, Vellfire is the Yang and Alphard is the Yin. Enough with the metaphor, the point is that Alphard car rent Jogja is the best alternative if you cannot find a Vellfire for your visit in Jogja. 

There are two types of Vellfire engines that are commonly available in Jogja: V6 2400 cc 170 bhp and 3500 cc 280 bhp. The size of the car (4930x1850x1895 mm in dimension) ensures the most comfort of 7 to 8 passengers, even for hours on the road with your friends or family. So do not waste your time and just check Vellfire Rental Yogyakarta for the availability.