Yogyakarta Dump Truck Rent and Its Many Usages: 8-24 Cubic

Yogyakarta dump truck rent is quite handy and beneficial to help you carry a lot of loads, especially when you want to transport garbage, sand, and others. Generally, people use a dump truck to transport sands, gravels, or soil for construction purpose. 

The truck comes with a pickup bed that can be operated with hydraulic assistance. The front side of the bed can be lifted upward. Hence, we can deliver any transported materials to any possible spots.

This feature is the one thing that differentiates the dump truck with the Jogja Fuso truck (because the Fuso truck doesn’t have any bed that can be lifted up). This type of truck comes with various capacity, starting from 8 cubicles to 24 cubicles. 

Capacity of the 8 Cubicle Jogja Dump Truck Rent 

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The 8 cubicle truck is the smallest type of truck you can rent in case you don’t have to deal with a lot of stuffs. The chassis can be different, but the most popular option is the Hino Dutro 130 HD with W04D-TR engine along with 4 inline diesel direct injection and turbo charger inter-cooler engine.

It has 4000 cc cylinder capacity with maximum power reaching 130 / 2.700 PS/RPM. The truck is able to accommodate 8 tons of cargo, with total dimension of 4 meters in length, 2 meters in width, and 1 meter in height.

The capacity is relatively small, but this type of truck is one of the most favorable options. It can be used to transport almost anything, such as garbage, sand, stone, and so many more.

Capacity of the 24 Cubicle Jogja Dump Truck Rent

If you need a bigger truck from truck rent Jogja service, you can always rent the 24 cubicle type. Again, the chassis may be different, but the most popular one is the Hino FM 260 JD with J08E-UF engine, along with 4 inline diesel direct injection and turbo charger inter-cooler engine.

When it comes to power and performance, this type of truck has the similar feature and chassis as the Jogja tronton truck rent. For the total dimension, this truck comes with 6 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width, and 1.6 meters in height.

It is able to accommodate 24 tons, max. This kind of weight is suitable for construction or mining work, such as sand, gravels, and such things alike.

The usage of dump truck is quite economical because it is able to accommodate a lot of cargo – allowing the drivers to load everything in one way system (they don’t have to move back and forth so many times).

  Rental Time Duration

There are various options for the rental time period – applied for both the 8 and 24 cubicle types. You can rent it for daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly period. Daily and weekly rent have their own rules, and so are the monthly and yearly rent.

The rental cost is different, depending on the time length, the year of the making, and the variant. Moreover, you may have to pay for maintenance and care cost if you decide to rent it for longer period of time.

You are also responsible for taking care of everything – including the exterior and interior part. Be prepared to deal with different types of documents and agreements.

Before signing the agreement, the rental provider will perform location survey and other requirements. Payment is quite negotiable. You can choose between using your own driver or hiring the driver from the rental company.

Ordering the Service 

Whether you want to use the offline method or the online system in doing the order, it is up to you. Feel free to come and take a look around the truck rent Jogja or Yogyakarta car rent providers to see the fleets by yourself.

sewa Dump Truck 6 ban
Container/m : Dump Truck 6 Wheels
Length : 3,5
Width : 1,7
Height : 1-1.5
Load Capacity : 8 Tons/6 M
Standard Load Capacity
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Dump Truck 10 ban
Container/m : Dump Truck 10 Wheels
Length : 6
Width : 2,25
Height : 1,7
Load Capacity : 30 Tons
Standard Load Capacity
: Call Me