Yogyakarta Fuso Truck Rental 6 Wheels 13 Tons 10 M3

It is pretty easy to find Fuso truck in Yogyakarta Fuso Truck Rental providers. The vehicle comes with total dimension of 7 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width, and 2 meters in height. It is able to accommodate 13 tons or around 10 meters cubic of cargo.

This type of transportation is favorable especially for those who want to carry a lot of stuffs (the heavier ones too). It is considered a multi-functional fleet because of its ability to accommodate different types of cargo. The fleet is usually rented or used for business purpose. There are some different types of choose from, such as the flatbed Fuso truck, the closed tub Fuso truck (often referred to as the box), and the wings box AC Fuso truck. 

Flatbed Fuso Truck

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It is one of the most commons types of Fuso trucks available for rent. It has standard dimension of 6 meters in length and 2.4 meters in width. The Jumbo type comes with total dimension of 8 meters in length and 2.4 meters in width. The standard capacity is around 30 cubicle, while the Jumbo type can reach 40 cubicle in total.

The standard Mitsubishi Fuso truck can accommodate 15 tons, while the Jumbo can accommodate 20 tons. For enclosure, the flatbed truck is equipped with layered tarpaulin which offers extra protection from the water – and it is pretty handy during rainy season. 

When it comes to power, there is no doubt that this type is pretty strong. Take a look at Mitsubishi Fuso Colt  FE 71 110 PS Diesel with 6 tires, diesel engine with 3908 cc cylinder capacity, able to deliver 110 PS of power at 2900 RPM.

Fuso Box Truck

There are two different variants available in truck rent Jogja: the Ankle Box Fuso Truck and the Double Box Fuso Truck (read Jogja box truck rent). The Ankle Box type has 8 tires with total dimension of the box around 5.85 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width, and 2.3 meters in height.

It is able to accommodate 7 tons of cargo with total 32 cubicle capacity. The Double Box truck comes with 6 tires and total dimension of 4.2 meters in length, 2 meters in width, and 1.9 meters in height. It is able to accommodate 4 tons of cargo with total 15 cubicle capacity. 

Wings Box Fuso Truck

This type is an enclosed one. The main difference from the Fuso Box is the door. In Wings Box type, the door can be opened from the side. The standard dimension is 9.5 meters in length, 2.3 meters in width, and 2.3 meters in height. It is able to accommodate 20 tons of cargo with 45 cubicle of capacity.

The Difference of Flat Bed and Closed Tub 

The main difference lies on the shape of the bed itself. For the flatbed type, it is able to accommodate a lot of cargo with more flexible arrangement. As long as the cargo stays within the measurement of 190 PS to 220 PS, the vehicle is able to carry it around.  The closed tub, however, requires more determined arrangement, which means that the cargo needs to be calculated and arranged carefully as everything can fit nicely during transportation. 

In case you don’t know the exact measurement of your cargo, it is better to use the flatbed. Use the tarpaulin to cover your cargo when it is raining. The main advantaged of using the closed tub is that your cargo will be protected from weather, but it has its own limitation because everything will be enclosed inside the box.

 Fuso Box VS Fuso Wings Box VS Gran Max Box

The main difference of these three trucks is on the loading capacity. Gran Max has the smallest loading capacity which is only around 1 ton. That’s why this mini cargo is often used to handle daily need or to help during moving out and in.

Meanwhile, the Fuso Box has bigger loading capacity which can reach up to 4 ton. And the wings box has the biggest loading capacity reaching up to 7 ton. The wings box has additional feature which is side door.

Different Engine 

Aside from the loading capacity, the engine is different as well. The Gran Max uses the 1.500 cc engine with cylinder while the Fuso Box uses bigger engine in which is the capacity can reach 4000 cc to 7000 cc. The wings box truck has the biggest engine capacity around 7500 cc. This difference is normal because the Fuso box and Wings Box have bigger loading capacity.

 Ordering Away

In case you are interested in renting one, you can always perform offline or online order – depending on your preference. Be sure that you only get the best service when you choose reliable Yogyakarta Fuso Truck Rental provider.

Fuso Engkel WingBox
Container/m : Fuso Truck WingBox
Length : 6 / 7,2 / 8
Width : 2,2
Height : 2,4
Load Capacity : 15 Tons
Standard Load Capacity : 15 Tons
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Fuso 6 ban
Container/m : FUSO With 6 Wheels
Length : 6
Width : 2,4
Height : 2
Load Capacity : 13 Tons/8-10M
Standard Load Capacity : 8 Tons
: Call Me